Sequins All Day Long

Hey, I’m Laura Bradshaw!

Welcome, grab a cuppa and have a gander through the ‘older posts’ section… just don’t go too far back, that mayyy be embarrassing, mostly for me.

I started this little space on the internet formerly known as Tiny Twisst, a beauty blog that slowly transformed into a fashion & lifestyle blog, a YouTube channel, various social channels and also a career – which was pretty cool. It’s been a constant love of mine because writing is MY THANG, and I love that people actually read my posts and watch my videos.

In terms of what you’ll get from this website? A pretty big shopping list (soz) and hopefully a few laughs, because I do believe that life is better when you laugh lots, happiness is the key and all that stuff.

Enjoy & don’t forget to leave me a comment – those are my fave!