Boys Clothes (No Dinosaurs Allowed)

It’s no secret that boys clothes tends to be covered in dinosaurs, trucks and comic characters. Sometimes I do actually internally scream.. NO DINOSAURS! But of course, don’t get me wrong.. I love a little pattern here and there, but it would be great to have more choice and see something more… delicate? Boys like checks and dots too, right?! (It goes without saying that we do also have a few dino, car prints and if Elias grows up wanting more, then that would be great.. not throwing any shade here!)

I actually find that plain clothing is much easier to make outfits from and my Son has a great set of trousers, tops and jumpers in all colours that I find so easy to mix and match! ‘Plain’ boys clothes doesn’t have to mean sticking to neutrals either, I love colour! The highstreet have some great boys sections, such as H&M (my favourite!) and Zara which offer something for every style. Of course, Vinted is also great for a second hand bargain and I have often found great items with the labels still intact at half the price, wahooo!

I absolutely love shopping for Elias and getting him dressed every morning is a blessing in itself. Whenever I share his outfits, I always get asked where I shop most for him and if I can share some clothing ideas.. so here it is!

If you want more of these posts, let me know.. I won’t lie, Elias is dressed better than me 100% of the time these days..

Easy Neutrals

Great Greens

Boy Blues

The Brights

& The Best Relaxed Leggings

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