Five things to do on a rainy day

We are having terrible Summer weather in the UK right now and it can be difficult to find things to do when it’s raining… constantly.. am I right?! However, I’ve compiled a small list of rainy day activities for you to enjoy and I’ll be honest that these all make my heart smile! So, don’t let the rain ruin your day and do these fun things instead..

Bake, bake, bake! Is there anything better than a cosy weekend inside.. with cake?! Nope! I love rainy day
baking and always try to keep the cupboard stocked up with baking essentials, just incase. Remember lock down when everyone baked banana bread?! I feel like a banana bread would be a great rainy day treat too. Just imagine the smell of a lovely cake cooking away in the oven, blankets on the sofa and a good film ready to dive into.. BLISS!

Get Reading…
I personally love reading and it doesn’t have to be just books. With limited time these days, I enjoy a quicker to digest article that I can read online and this one about world record lottery jackpots is great and very inspiring! It’s easy to digest and really interesting.. I actually just love to read about lottery wins and this one is well worth a read. Safe to say I will be purchasing a ticket soon. 

Get Wet!
Embrace the rain for a walk… especially if you have no choice because you own a dog! We have to take
Bernie out otherwise he looks so sad, so I really love embracing the rain with my trusty waterproofs and not letting getting wet worry me! It’s actually quite liberating and fun. This activity is all about being a kid again, pop on the wellies and get jumping in the puddles.

Hit the Drive Thru
A car coffee! Okay, hear me out.. I just love a car coffee aka going for a coffee drive thru! I always get
laughed at for this one, but it is something I have always enjoyed to do.. even as a child! There’s nothing
more cosy than sitting in the car with a coffee and some snacks. I love listening to the rain hitting the roof, the windows slightly steaming over and the radio playing some classics! Fish and chips in the car comes to a close second too.. the only downside to that is you may have to leave your car!

Organise your life!
A “spring” clean. It seems silly calling it that when it’s rainy but having a huge clear out always feels really
productive and like a great use of a rainy day. I love having a wardrobe clear out or tidy up AND a deep
clean. There’s nothing better than everything smelling great and looking clean when you’re laying in your
freshly washed bed sheets and PJ’s! It’s like taking a lame, rainy day but turning into something productive and it feels amazing.

So those are my five top activities for a rainy day.. do you have some that you love to do? Leave them in the comments below!