Make Money with Amazon!

Do you also stand at your window..

Waiting for that little brown box to arrive..

Almost daily?

If so, keep reading…

Amazon is probably my number one shopping destination. I buy a manner of things there ranging from baby items, fashion, makeup and most recently? Hay-fever tablets (yes, really!) So when they emailed me with an exclusive link allowing other influencers to sign up to their affiliate program, I knew I had to share it with you.

Be an Amazon Influencer

See, I shop at Amazon in my personal life which means in return I naturally talk about the products I buy online. I know my followers (you guys!) will ask for links, so I post these and so when you purchase the items, I make a small commission. That is what they call, an affiliate link. Now, many of influencers would never really discuss this – as if it is some dirty trade off – but in reality, it’s how I am able to fund my job and all the outgoings that come with it (because there are many!) Don’t get me wrong, I’m no big-shot, so it’s a very small part of my income but it’s still a part of it and if you want in.. here’s how!

Click here and sign up to the Amazon Affiliate Program.

It’s so simple, free (of course!) and you can start sharing links with your followers! If Amazon approved, you will also get your own Storefront, access to millions of products to monetise through affiliate links and reporting to understand what your followers are buying (which is great knowledge to have!)

What’s in it for me? I make a small commission for every sign up. It’s a win, win!

My Recent Amazon Purchases

Of course, this wouldn’t be an Amazon post without sharing some of my favourite items to give you some inspiration too..

This Amazon dress is one I wear SO often at the moment. It’s lightweight so great in the warmer weather and has a very boho look, which I love.

My Amazon Caddy is something I share often on my Instagram – I use one for Elias’ nappy changing area upstairs but also have one I use during the day for all my “stuff”. This was great after post c-section because I kept all my medication in it, but I am still using it 8 months later for my water, lip balm, feeding bits and of course… biscuits.

And lastly, hayfever tablets because… BECAUSE!!!

Keep an eye out for some more Amazon based posts soon.. including my top baby buys AND the best fashion pieces. In the meantime, check out my latest posts here!