Stylish & Sustainable Running

I remember my first brush with exercise… it was mostly on my bedroom floor just before bed.. “a few sit ups then”, mostly because I felt I should probably work my body a little! Then I joined a gym and would visit on my lunch break or sometimes even a Friday evening, if I was feeling fruity. When I say I chucked on any clothing I could find for those gym visits.. I wasn’t joking. Clothes left in my boot? GREAT, perfect for the gym! My oversized Britney t-shirt was my favourite gym item.. baggy, comfy… but far from fashionable. It wasn’t just me either, searching around the gym you wouldn’t see anyone in anything stylish.. baggy, old clothes usually saved for decorating was the norm.

However, these days (how old do I sound?!) everything has changed. Not only are we looking to be the coolest during our gym visits or marathon sprints.. we also want sustainable gym wear and sustainable running clothes. Luckily enough, these are now much more easy to find, which is a win win – for both us and the planet we walk upon.

I love that work out fashion is so big. Not only can you look great in the gym or on your run, but it’s also totally acceptable to wear your work out clothing whilst not working out! Some of my favourite running outfits are also my “sort the house out” and “nipping to the food shop” outfits too. Of course, the fact that sustainable running clothes are readily available is also great news because we should all be looking to purchase items that are sustainably made going forward. We need to protect our beautiful planet, after all – especially if we want to continue running on it!

These days, I’ll be honest.. I think about my exercise outfits far too much but it is also a great motivator. If you feel great in what you’re wearing and you know you’re protecting the planet by buying the right items, it really makes you enjoy your run more than before. So, if you’re in the market for more sustainable running clothes, check out the Brooks Running website for a great selection of recycled, vegan and sustainably made running clothes and shoes – it’s a win, win!

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