Our Christmas Traditions

With Christmas soon approaching, I have been thinking about the traditions we have made as a family. I’m always so interested in other peoples Christmas traditions… each different and unique to their own household. Some being brand new and some borrowed. We are still creating our own traditions and I know with a few more years under our belts we will have some lovely family occasions to look forward too. I’d love to know some of yours in the comments below.

A new Christmas tree decoration every year

This is one we have created without realising. Every year we buy a new Christmas tree decoration.. it has to be random but something we love at the time. This makes decorating the tree every year really fun, as we are reminded of past Christmasses and why we picked each decoration at that time. Something I’m excited to carry on into the future.

Christmas Brunch

I don’t care what anyone says, you simply can NOT have cornflakes for breakfast on Christmas week. A special Christmas brunch every day of the week is very important. We’re talking pastries, eggs on toast…maybe even some chocolate?! I truly believe that Christmas is all about the great food (well, aside from family of course!) I am very excited to tuck into my strawberry creams on Christmas morning, ha!

Hanging the wreath

This year we have a brand new wreath, and I love how it looks on our front door. This decoration is a must and every time we nip out and return home it makes me feel so festive and happy! Our one has lights in it too, so looks really pretty at night time, plus it was super affordable and as it’s faux-foliage.. it will last every year! You can find more lovely wreaths and garlands by clicking this link – Christmas Wreaths & Garlands. A lovely garland is my next addition!

I’m excited to update this post as the years go on with some more family traditions!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a very happy new year! I’m very excited to introduce you all to our newest arrival and create lots more content next year. Keep your eyes peeled for that 🙂

*This post is in collaboration with Lights4Fun