A watch, for life.

I believe that everyone has a dream item they would love to own one day.. and mine is a super-duper designer, luxury watch. I’m talking pre-owned Cartier, pre-owned Chanel.. a little bit of vintage Hermes, definitely stylish and of course very handy because well, everyone needs to be able to tell the time. I’d just like to one day be able to tell the time in style. Not only is a luxury watch a beautiful style piece, but they also have great investment value too. I love the idea that I could pass this onto family members in the future, or sell it for a profit.

Of course, buying pre-owned and luxury can be daunting and if it’s something you’re new too (like me!) it can be tough figuring out where to shop. So, when eBay got in touch to let me know about their Authenticity Guarantee, I was very excited about the options this gave me to consider for my plans in the future.

What is The Authenticity Guarantee? Well, this is an absolute game-changer when it comes to purchasing pre-owned luxury watches on eBay. Buying pre-owned is great for sustainability but it’s also much more accessible, so everyone should be able to do it without having any worries! The Guarantee means that you can buy pre-owned watches with confidence – making the whole experience much more enjoyable, rather than scary! The authentication is done by independent experts and is available for watches listed in the primary category of Wristwatches and sold for £2,000 or more via Fixed Price or Auction listings.

Basically, this process allows more ease into the whole experience, which is so important when you are spending money you’ve saved and also buying your dream item. In my opinion, this should always be a great, momentous occasion and eBay are helping to make it just that. I can only imagine future family members holding a watch that has been through generations and imagining the beautiful moment it was purchased – which is exactly what I would want it to be too.

It’s really easy to spot this feature on eBay, as you’ll see a blue Authenticity Guarantee tick in the search results, as well as in the top right of the item page. Like on this luxury Cartier watch I discovered. Before this item is shipped to me, it will be authenticated meaning that when it arrives at my door I know it is indeed authentic and trustworthy.

Some luxury watches that I’ve spotted and love on eBay recently are… this Cartier Santos 100 watch because of it’s beautiful, classic design. I love that the face of this watch is slightly more chunky and has the typical Cartier screw head design on the front plate. It’s not too ‘bling’ meaning this can be worn all day long which I think is really important when buying a luxury piece – they should be worn! This watch could also be worn unisex which makes it much easier to sell on in the future, or passed down to any family members.

This Chanel Premiere Diamond watch is stunning, classic with a fashionable twist (and who doesn’t love Chanel!?) I love everything about this watch.. the diamonds that run the entire watch face are subtle and give just enough sparkle. The watch face itself is very simple, with the classic ‘Chanel’ text which really stands out agaisnt the black background. The chain strap is really what attracted me to this item though – it looks like a bracelet and I really love that. It could be worn on it’s own for a statement, or paired with a stack of jewellery for a more dressed up look. This is a classic piece that will never date but it still has a unique style.

Lastly, this Hermes Heure watch is another classic, timeless piece which will suit anyone. Firstly I love the subtle ‘H’ face of this watch, it says Hermes but it doesn’t shout about it. This would be great for anyone that loves to wear gold and tan, rather than silver jewellery. I can imagine this paired with a classic gold bangle – classy and timeless. The face is simple yet quirky and I’ll admit that the Graphic Designer in me loves the way the numbers twist around the face itself.

All of these watches have the Authenticity Guarantee tick, which means they will be authenticated by an independent expert before shipping, making them safe to shop.. once I’ve saved up a bit more that is 🙂

There’s also loads of Luxury watches for men too.

Click to read more about the eBay Authenticity Guarantee.

*AD – This post is in conjunction with eBay UK but all thoughts are my own.