Baggy Jeans.. are back?!

Word on the street is that skinny jeans are out and loose fitting jeans are IN.

I mean.. I’ll still be wearing my skinnies, let’s be honest. After years of building up QUITE the collection, I’m not ready to say bye bye just yet. That doesn’t mean that a few looser fitting pairs wouldn’t be nice though. I’m thinking high waisted, loose on the leg, fitted on the bum.. worn with a tshirt and jacket. Real simple, real cool (who am I?!)

I asked you guys on Instagram for some suggestions and you literally sent me some of the greatest loose-fitting jeans on the highstreet, so I thought I’d share them here! I am yet to try any of these but have purchased a few different pairs and will be filming a try-on YouTube video very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Let’s get into it… here are the jeans that were MOST recommended by you guys…

Topshop DAD Jeans, £40

Topshop jeans are a firm favourite for many and they are still available on good ol’ trusty ASOS. I love my Topshop MOM jeans but I do find them slightly uncomfortable at times (mostly if eating a meal!) and I find the sizing can be a little odd. However, I would still be up for trying the DAD jeans, they seem a little looser and maybeeee a little more comfortable? I have always liked the colour range that Topshop do in jeans, so it’s nice to see lots of shades in this range too.

Hollister Curvy Jeans, £39

I’ve actually seen lots of great reviews on the Hollister Curvy Jeans. These jeans are cut with more fabric on the hips/thigh area, which is weirdly tough to find! There’s nothing worse than jeans fitting your waist but not your hips, am I right?! I’ll definitely be giving these a go, so will keep you updated on how they fit. I think the price is really good too.

New Look Tori Jeans, £25+

These are another type of jean I have been reading about alot recently and I’m excited to try them because look at the price! The range varies in prices (some are currently reduced to £20!) because there are so many options, shapes and colours available.. which is obviously great news. You have to be quick though, sizes sell out fast!

Weekday Rowe Jeans, £40

The first thing I noticed about these jeans were the colour options! WOWZA. There are so many to choose from.. I don’t know where to start! These look like they would be great for that ‘baggy jeans’ trend, worn with trainers and a cute crop top/cardi combination. Basically.. as if we were all transported back to the 90’s. Think Britney/Christina vibes.. I’m digging it to be honest.

H&M Mom Jeans, £24.99

Ok so, who knew H&M have a huge range of loose-fitting jeans for such affordable prices? You’re welcome! I loved these ones the most, but honestly.. there’s a few pages of great jeans and the styling makes me want each and every pair. Definitely worth a look.

Arket Straight Jeans, £59

Finishing with a slightly more pricey jean option, but one that was recommended quite a few times.. I think these look lovely and are just the right about of ‘baggy’. The shade could be a little light and maybe more limiting to Summer months but there are loads more colour options to browse through. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried these jeans? Are they worth the dollar?!

I thought I’d also pop some other recommendations below too. Of course, if there are any looser fitting jeans that you love, leave them in the comments too!