What To Expect From Me…

Well, hello! I really felt like doing an old-school update post because a lot has been going on with me – I’ve never actually sat down and spoken about it here.. which is a bit crazy as that’s what a blog is meant to be for, right?

If you follow me over on social media, you might already know that I’ve been going through recurrent miscarriages. Recurrent miscarriage is when you have 3 or more miscarriages, and in three years I’ve now had 4. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to go through and the past few years have been some of the hardest. It was only at the start of 2020 that I decided I wanted to speak more openly about my experience with miscarriage, to help others perhaps going through something similar. Even though I haven’t got the biggest online following in the world.. I wanted to try and make a difference in any way I could. After all, I also know what those isolating, lonely days are like.

I hit publish on this video with shaky hands and a racing heart but I’ve never looked back. I was so worried that I might regret speaking about it, that everyone will see my most vulnerable self but… it’s actually made me stronger and braver than I could have ever imagined.

So much so, during lock down I decided I wanted to create a website and podcast dedicated to miscarriage, baby loss and infertility. I spent lock down designing the website, creating content and learning how to record a podcast… Just Bad Luck was created.

I see Just Bad Luck as a hub for support, always there for anyone that might need it – whether that be someone going through loss, or fertility issues themselves.. to those that maybe just want to know what to say to someone that is – at all hours of the day. I’m a bit slow on recording the podcast because as you can imagine.. fitting this all in alongside my work is a lot BUT I’ll get into the groove of it all in the new year.

So, that brings me onto my work! You may or may not know, but the whole ‘Laura Bradshaw’ online world is my full-time job and has been for many years. I started as Tiny Twisst and somehow this hobby and passion of mine evolved into my actual grown up work.. madness (and I’m so lucky too!)

But, I won’t lie… I’ve found it tough to slot back into the typical ‘fashion blogger role’ following the past few years. I guess my priorities have changed a lot over this time and so clothes, bags and shoes aren’t the most important things in my life & it’s not all I want to speak about.

Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE fashion and shopping.. just as much as I love finding new mascaras and hair tools.. but there’s also more to me than only that.

Whilst on this blog I’ll keep the talk to fashion & beauty (with a few lifestyle posts thrown in the mix too) and all posts related to fertility will be over at Just Bad Luck. However, on my social channels I want to be able to post about my outfit one day and then the next post about PTSD caused by loss. One day post about my new hair ‘do and the next write about what to say to someone after a miscarriage. I feel that posting this way covers all of me, everything I enjoy but also everything I’m passionate about. I love helping people, but that’s moved from helping people with outfits to also helping people navigate through loss.

Because after all, you can experience miscarriage and still like clothes!

I’m not sure anyone else does it this way and I’m not even sure whether it works but.. I’m going to try it. I hope you can appreciate a mix of the two and I hope it doesn’t seem strange to you that one day I can post about something fun and the next, something serious.

I guess it just follows the way loss works… one day you can be at rock bottom and the next, it doesn’t feel as bad.

So of course and as always – thank you for sticking with me.. for reading, liking, commenting and messaging. You’ll never know how much some simple words can make me smile and that’s why I continue to do this job. The connection I have with you guys is unexplainable and I’m sure it makes me sound like a crazy person but.. helping you means a whole lot to me.

Chat soon,

Laura x


Id like to think that I am like many of your followers and have grown up with you so there is so much more going on now in my life then just the fashion side. (Although I have always loved reading the fashion stuff).

Its amazing to see someone open and share some very difficult experiences, and you are so very brave for doing so. For that I thank you.
Coming from a family who have struggled with fertility, while moving ever so closer to that stage in my life. Reading your story has opened my eyes and helped me start a conversation.
Especially as fertility and its struggles have always been brushed over and never discussed.
So thank you Xx

Thank you! For being inexcusably you
Opening up about something so close to your heart and making yourself vulnerable is an incredible thing to do especially as you’re helping and supporting so many of us in your own journey.
I only found you on YT after I suffered my own miscarriage in August this year and your posts, videos, blogs have supported me from afar for the last few months in some of my darkest times.
I salute you! Your content is your content, some people will love and some people will hate.
I will continuing loving! Thank you Laura xx