The Perfect Gift

I love a sentimental item, it really does make a house a home. I also love my dog, so of course it was time for Bernie to shine in some framed photos & a photo book of all the memories I have with him so far. I cried when I opened this parcel so I feel it’s only right I share it with you too! (paid collaboration)

The perfect gift

It’s true.. sentimental gifts are a bit of me. I love photos and books of my nearest & dearest, so it’s only right that Bernie finally got some attention in this department.. and I am over the moon with these items. Honestly, I haven’t stopped looking at them and gushing about them to my family!

When got in touch and asked if I wanted to collaborate, I jumped at the chance. Like I mentioned, I love having sentimental items in my home.. to me it really is what makes a house a home! My Picture sell a wide range of customisable items such as framed photos, photo book, custom face mask (which are super handy at the moment, obviously!) and so much more. Not only that, I can say first hand that the quality is amazing too. These would make the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones (and for yourself!) with shopping being a little more tricky right now. So, let me show you the items I have…

Photo Book

The photo book is a great way of compiling your most loved images. For me, that involves my little doggy Bernie and I love that I now have a physical item to show others when they ask to see photos of him as a puppy! I actually surprised my Husband with this on our dogs birthday and he was over the moon with it (and so was I!) The images are printed so well and amazing quality (and you can trust me on this, as I’m an ex-graphic designer) I was also able to create a timeline throughout the book from his life as a puppy and to how he is now, at 1! If you fancy trying out a photo book for yourself there are a wide range of styles and sizes – you can even add in cute imagery and text too which I think is great. These are fantastic for those family & friends that love a walk down memory lane, or for a wedding album with a personal touch.

Framed Photos

I love having photos to hang and pop on sideboards and these are my most favourite images of Bernie, ever! Styling sideboards can be tricky but framed photos actually look great on them, alongside a few plants and ornaments. Let’s face it, you can never have too many photos around your home. You can also pick and choose with frame colour you want too, so it’s perfect for any style home.

If you’re more of a canvas person, this Should I buy canvas prints article might help you make your decision! I personally love both, but the wooden frame (which comes with the print) suits our style really well.

It’s safe to say that Bernie is also a fan!


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