How To Make Iced Coffee!

It’s really easy…

Whenever I post about my iced coffees I get messages asking how I do it and guys I never really thought to make a post about it because… it’s really easy!

I love an iced coffee when it’s hot outside but also when it’s cold too.. infact, I’ll drink them all year round because I love coffee in any shape and size (without sugar though, please) I’ll admit that I do think I make them better than Starbucks and Chris (the Husband) agrees (and no, I did not pay him to agree either!) so here goes.. how I make a delicious iced coffee.


Boil the kettle and add to a spoonful of instant coffee in a cup – I use an espresso cup for this!

Pop your ice cubes into a glass and pour your milk of choice (I use Oatly which is nice and creamy!) in a frother. The frother is optional, but I find it makes the milk nice and thick. I have linked mine here.

Pour a little milk on the ice, then add the coffee shot, then more milk on top.

Add a paper straw and hey-presto! Iced coffee!

Let me know if you try one and how it turns out!


What is the best time of year to drink iced coffee?