5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

This post is in collaboration with Boots

It’s no secret that things have been a bit strange this year, to say the least! One thing that I have found to be SO important during this time is too make sure I look after myself and do the things that make me feel happy, healthy and confident. Of course, I then thought about how I would love to share these five things with you guys.. so here we are!

Fake Tan & Glow

Fake Tan is the quickest way to get that much needed confidence boost. A little sun-kissed glow can make you feel better, look better and is also much healthier than sitting in the actual sunshine! I’m a bit of a rapid tan girl myself and like a tan that I can pop on, leave to develop for an hour and wash off. Boots have such a fantastic selection of tanning brands including the Bondi Sans & Vita Liberata rapid tans, which are both some of my favourites.

Of course, we can’t forget about the face too! A little sunkissed glow means you can wear less makeup, giving you more time in the morning for all the other tips below. The Fake Tan for face by Tan Luxe is a great one for popping in your moisturiser and letting it do it’s thing. Again, this is such an easy step in boosting your confidence, all it takes is 10 minutes for application and you’re good to go.

Kick The Habit

When lock down started I got addicted to fizzy, sugary drinks. Honestly.. my day wasn’t complete without a can of Dr Pepper. Sure, it tastes great but I soon noticed that it started to make me feel sluggish. Now, I try my best to save those treats for the weekend and special occasions because they also taste better that way too!

When I’m craving a sugar hit now, I make a smoothie. It sounds really simple, I know.. but when I was consuming cans of ‘pop’, I never considered replacing it with a fruit smoothie. Now, I keep a load of fruit and berries in the freezer, which means they are cold but also.. I never run out! Add some water, a spoonful of honey and it’s honestly better than any can of soda. Plus, they count as one of your 5 a day, so it’s a win win!

15 Minute Workout

Recently I have got back into working out. I’m doing this to see if it improves my mental health and I can honestly say that I do instantly feel better after a workout. I’d love to be able to go on runs for miles and miles but I’m more of a 15 minute YouTube workout person and that’s fine! It’s really important to just remember what works for you is great and never compare yourself to the fitness superstars out there – we all have our limits!

I tend to work out in the evening, so pop aside 15-30 minutes and get my YouTube video geared up. YouTube is such a treasure trove when it comes to great workout videos and is a good place to start if you’re a newbie too! I then have a lovely long shower and get in my cosy PJ’s for the evening. It makes me feel so productive, healthier and proud of myself for moving my body more.

Light, Daily Makeup

At the start of lock down I had weeks of makeup free days. Sure enough, my skin was loving life… but I felt so unmotivated. Whether it was mind over matter or not, I do feel better with a touch of makeup on – even if it’s just concealer! I have been wearing a light CC cream everyday, cream blush and a touch of mascara. It’s quick to put on and also quick to take of. Plus we should all be wearing SPF everyday, so make sure your CC cream has this in too!

I do the same with my hair, keeping it simple gives me more time to get on with my day which in turn makes me more productive too – another great boost! I always feel better if I have freshly washed hair, so tend to do this the night before (after my workout!) and it means I’m good to go in the morning. Getting up, getting dressed and a light touch of makeup really can give you such a confidence boost.

Dedicated Chill Time

If you think you can be busy 24/7 without any YOU time, you’re wrong! Everyone needs some way to chill out, whether that’s reading a good book, a facemask in the bath or giving yourself a manicure.. it all helps to keep your mood lifted. Personally, I just love putting on my freshly washed PJ’s, sitting on the sofa and watch my favourite trash tv – there’s no shame in that!

Every evening give yourself a cut-off point to stop work, stop the chores and do what makes you happy (even if it’s just for an hour!) I try to finish work at 6pm, cook dinner and then it’s chill out time and it works really well for me. I feel more refreshed the next day and I’m ready to take on the world (or, my inbox atleast…)

What are your best confidence boosting tips?!


I completely agree that self tan gives me a little confidence boost! Love all of the other tips too, I definitely need to, I’ve been doing mini home workouts and I’m loving the endorphins! x