Why I dyed my hair

So, I’m a brunette now?

I’ll start this post off by saying… if you came here for a dramatic reveal of a very deep reason why I dyed my hair brown… you’re not going to get it! Basically, my roots got so long in lock down that I kinda looked brunette anyway and that’s literally as deep as it gets!

I have been toying with the idea for a while. I loved being blonde but the up-keep was a pain – constantly purple shampooing because my hair likes to be warm toned and of course, having dark roots is never ideal. After a long battle with trying to get to my ultimate shade of blonde.. I reached it and then.. decided I wanted a change!

I’m really indecisive with my hair. One minute I tell myself I’m ‘never cutting it again’ and then as soon as it gets long, I cut it short and the cycle repeats – is anyone else this way?! I guess I can be the same with colour, I get to my goal blonde shade and then it’s gone in a matter of minutes!

Anyway, I’m still getting used to being on the dark side. I’m enjoying being able to experiment with different makeup and clothes but I must say.. when I’m having a lazy day with no makeup, you can TELL! Blonde hair makes you look more alive for some reason, but you know what? No one sees me on those days anyway, so who cares?!

What do you guys think?


You suit both blonde hair and brown so well! I know what you mean about the up keep of being blonde, it’s effort haha. I love your new hair, it looks beautiful (and a lot less maintenance!)