Stacking Style Tips


You may have noticed recently a huge trend for stacking necklaces. It’s something I’ve admired from afar but never really tried for myself… and I have no idea why!? It’s a really simple way of making an outfit more interesting but it also allows you to get more wear from your collection which is a win-win if you ask me. I was recently sent two Daisy London necklaces, which I chose from the website (this actually took me a few days because there are SO many beautiful pieces – click to view the full collection) and I knew exactly how I wanted to wear them… TOGETHER! The necklaces I chose actually sparked a huge addiction to wearing my necklaces in pairs and along the way I have picked up some tips (it might not always be as simple as it seems, I guess?!) So I really wanted to share those with you guys..


I would have previously recommended wearing two necklaces of the same finish (silver or gold etc) but it’s actually perfectly fine to mix finishes, and if anything I think this does look cute! It also stops you having to change your other jewellery over too which may not seem a big deal to some people but see those small hoops I wear? They are the worst to put in.. so it makes me happy when I can leave them be.

Even though this is a very simple trend to follow I have found it does work better to have a shorter length chain at the top and something more longer below. The top chain should always be tighter, meaning it sits higher and the second chain always longer, so it hangs the longest. The great thing about the thicker necklace I have on here, is that because it’s chunky I can wear it both long and short, depending on where I pop the clasp.

Here I am wearing the Goddess Necklace & the Chunky Chain (both were PR Samples)

As you can see, the necklaces make this outfit much more interesting, but also add a little pop of cool-silver to an otherwise very warm toned outfit. The tshirt is possibly one of the best quality ones I own, from Sezanne and the skirt from one of my favourite places, Boden (now reduced in the sale!)