What’s on my Face?

I’m showing you my everyday makeup look and what I’m currently wearing on my face…

What’s on my face?

I would probably say the one thing I get asked the most (aside from anything hair related) is “what makeup are you wearing?”. It’s funny because even though I’ve blogged about beauty for years now, I never really count myself as someone that knows what they’re doing, ha! I just go with the flow, try new products and see what works for me. So to be asked this question so much does make my day a little if I’m honest!

Along the way I’ve come to learn the types of colours I can wear on my eyes, the foundations that work the best with my skin and I’ll admit I’m not the best at colour matching.. but I’m getting a bit better at it! Makeup is all about trial and error. If I’m testing new products or ways of wearing them, I’ll do it on the days when I’m not planning on leaving the house just to see how they wear. If I like something, I’ll pop it in my daily makeup collection and if I don’t, I’ll give it to a friend or family member that I feel will get more use out of it.


First things first I use a hefty amount of moisturiser every morning. My face feels so tight without it and this is by far my most favourite part of my makeup routine. I have used the Simple Rich Moisturiser for years now and have lost count of how many times I’ve repurchased it! Then because I’m getting more and more into wearing SPF on a daily basis (it’s SO important for your skin and health!) I’ve been grabbing the Murad Oil & Pore Control product – it works great under makeup as a base and is a great all in one.

I’ll then draw all over my face with the Bare Minerals Foundation Stick. I wasn’t sure if this product would be for me as I’ve always avoided foundation sticks in fear of them being too drying. However this one is absolutely brilliant and something I’ve used everyday since trying it! It’s light but build able, which makes it great for both natural and full coverage days and definitely not drying whatsoever. It’s really easy to blend and I tend to use a damp beauty sponge to do this, which works great!

I wanted to show how well the foundation stick worked with a liquid one, so here I used the Benefit Hello Happy foundation layered over the top. This is also a great foundation and again, is super build able and lasts really well on the skin. To set, I always use a powder as I prefer to add some shine with a highlighter. I’ve been using the No7 Loose Powder for years now, thanks to always seeing my Mum use it too – it does the job!

Then I used the Milld Peach Blush which is such a lovely shade, it gives a really healthy glow. Finished off with a healthy amount of highlight to add a bit of a dewy glow back into the mix, here I used the Becca Royal Glow which is a current favourite.


So, because I have blue eyes I have always known that copper tones suit them best. These type of colours really make blue eyes pop and I’ve been enjoying experimenting with them. The great thing is, these tones actually look amazing on any eye colour, so it’s a win win for everyone! The Urban Decay Heat Palette is great for this as there’s so many great colour options and they are both pigmented and blend able – I’ve been using these palettes for years now. I’ll add a little bit of Mac Ploof eyeshadow in the inner-corner of my eye, just for a little glow.

I then curl my lashes and use the Gosh Blown Away Mascara, which is great for length and volume. I’ve recently been wearing eyeliner on my waterline again too. I used to avoid this due to bad Highschool makeup memories and the fear of black bits forming in the corner of my eyes… argh! BUT the Nudestix products stay put, so I’ve been using either a grey pencil or the Nudestix Pencil in Black. Brows are simply filled in a little with the IT Cosmetics Pencil and set with the Benefit Gimme Brow, a natural look which I’ve been embracing recently!


So, first up I like to pop something on my lips to plump them up a little. If you feel like you want a bit of plumping this Filorgra Nutri Filler is a great product to try out. I like to apply mine before my other makeup steps so it has a chance to get to work. I don’t notice a massive difference but for a lip product that doesn’t hurt or cause any discomfort, I can definitely see that my lips are a bit fuller which makes lipstick application a dream. Next up we have some lip colour! I have been really loving the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipsticks recently and they are pretty much all I’ve been wearing. They last really well but are also super easy to apply which is down to the shape – they resemble a chunky pencil, which is great for adding shape to your lips but also no liner needed, win win! Plus, with them being so small and thin they fit perfectly in any makeup bag or handbag pocket.


I’m a massive fan of the Real Techniques Sponge and I love how my foundation applies with it. I ALWAYS dampen it a little and it’s perfect for blending.. but also gives a refreshing feel to the skin too, win win! The Zoeva brushes are great for blending and this crease brush makes smokey eyes super easy and quick to do – keep them clean and they will be your best buddy, I promise!

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