Life Update

So it’s been a while and I’m back! I wanted to chat with you guys, like the olden days so here is a huge life update!

Well, hello!

It’s been four months since I last posted here… honestly, where does the time go?! I have written posts, don’t get me wrong but they have sat in my drafts folder, getting dusty. A few months ago I just decided I needed a break from the whole online world, so I took my first week off of social media/blogging/anything work related in about 8 years (wish I was joking!) and to be honest, I think I needed it more than I thought. It’s been a struggle to get back “into it”, even now. I’ve always been proud of how passionate and hard working I am when it comes to my job, so I find it really hard to take a step back and invest in some ‘me’ time. If you’ve followed for a while you might have seen me mention that I’ve had a tough couple of years and truthfully, the toll of those years is still catching up on me. Some days I’m me – happy Laura, positive, upbeat, motivated – but other times I can feel the complete opposite. Being in this weird lull in my life is tough enough but living it online is even tougher and even though I refuse to let it get the better of me… sometimes I have admitted defeat. It’s something I’m working on, during the bad days I’m trying to get better and I will 100% be back to my old-self once more.. it’s just taking a little more work than usual, but that’s a-okay. Self healing takes time and no one said it was easy.

Putting that aside, I really wanted to update you guys and this post is something that’s been on my mind for a few weeks.. I just need to WRITE IT and POST IT! It’s been a while since I just had a good ol’ chat with you here and I feel like it’s good to touch base. I want to post more, upload more on this blog and all of my channels. It’s what I love to do and I love connecting with you guys so very much.

So.. let’s chat!


Aside from the obvious, I have been trying to do some serious looking after myself recently. I’m the type of person that will take on everyones hurt, everyones pain and it then manifests inside me, which in turn creates a very stressed out person. The way people are towards me or around me can have such powerful effects inwardly and it’s not always good place to be. Chris once mentioned that he thought I was an empath and let’s just say after research, I can kinda confirm this. In the past I have put myself into difficult situations just because I feel bad for letting people down but I figured I can’t do this anymore. I’m reading some great self-help books and they are my current therapy when it comes to my empathic side!

It’s been really tough to take the selfish route at times (as again, I’m not this way) but I am learning that it’s okay to say no. It’s amazing how just one tiny word can have such an impact. If I’m having a tough day and I need to just stay inside my own four walls, I have to. Taking back this little bit of power has definitely made me feel more in control of my life and it’s another step on my self-healing journey (that one day I promise to write more about!)


We’ve been in our house for almost 2 years now and only ever decorated one room, until recently! With Chris being a wedding photographer and myself both helping him and working on my own projects.. time just ran away from us, especially during Summer. It took us almost 8 months to finish our lounge (tour video here) and recently, on a whim we purchased the rest of the carpet for the entire house. It was a brave move but in about 2 weeks we painted our bathroom, kitchen and made a good start on the hallways. We also finished my office (thanks to the help of my wonderful parents, who would turn up unannounced to help finish it all!) and I finally have ACTUAL wardrobes after years of not having my stuff in one organised space. You can see my wardrobe tour here!

I didn’t share much of the decorating online, except for the finished results. I felt that there were so many people sharing renovation journeys online that I didn’t really feel mine would contribute much – we are doing it on a budget, not renovating huge things like the kitchen just yet and to be honest.. I’m not sure how I feel about over-sharing home renos (not sure why!) I enjoy watching other creators content on it though, so I’ll just stick to the watching for now but keep an eye on my YouTube channel for finished room tours, as I do love filming those!


As I mentioned, I have found it hard to get motivated recently but I’m on the up, which is always good news! I have been posting as much as I can over on Instagram but I really want to revamp both my blog and post more videos on my YouTube channel. The thing is when you’ve been doing this for so long, you can run out of ideas and that’s why a break is always a good move! Admittedly, a holiday would also help… but that’s for next year!

I had a little confidence blip recently. But, I have always seen myself as a sister for you guys to come to but also someone that will show you affordable fashion and beauty/hair tips that anyone can do. The anyone part is the most important for me.. I’m a normal girl and I want to appeal to normal girls too. The girls that love affordable jeans that fit really well. The girls that just want to know how to quickly style their hair for work, how to fake tan on a budget, how to fill in their eyebrows so they look less overgrown (me too!) The girls that browse Instagram to feel GOOD about themselves and those that watch videos in their precious time off of work.

I have struggled to find a place that I fit into sometimes as this online world can be so different to when I first started out – it can be tough to not compare yourself to everyone else. I get the instagram blues too! But then I remember.. it’s not always about fitting in! You have your luxe bloggers, interior bloggers, food bloggers.. but then theres also bloggers than do a little of everything and those are my favourite to tune into as well. I want to inspire you, make you laugh, make you feel good about yourself – so that’s the aim for here on out.

On the other side of the corridor (literally) Chris has been super busy shooting weddings and I’m so proud of him for taking a chance and making his business a reality. Summer is crazy for us this year and next year is already so busy, which is amazing! If you follow on instagram you’ll probably know that I’m his second shooter (as I used to shoot weddings back in the day) and we make a pretty good team. I mean, we can communicate from the front and back of a church mid-service without even speaking, which is a skill in itself right?!


I would of course love for you to comment below and let me know HOW YOU ARE?! But of course, commenting on blogs isn’t something that anyone has time to do these days (same!) so below are some ways you can keep in contact with me, just incase you’re not aware.┬áIn the meantime, writing this post has been so good and I’m so excited to get back into posting here again! I’m planning lots of styling, outfit, home, life posts, so make sure you check back to see those!

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