Log-Off This Weekend

We all love a bank holiday, so why spend it staring into our phones? I’m taking a break from social media this weekend and here’s how you can to…

Put down that screen (after you read this)

If you’re in the UK, you’ll be very aware that this weekend is Easter bank holiday which means we get a few extra days off of work (obviously as well as some religious things too and a lot of chocolate) So here I am just trying to protest that once you read this blog post – you take a few days off of social media, because let me tell you… it will do you a whole lot of good.

I have read hundreds of articles about social media affecting our mental health and I definitely agree with this. However, for some of us we aren’t able to just take a full 3 months off and have a social detox because it’s involved heavily with our work. No social media, no work, no money, no bills paid and well.. I’m assuming you can picture the rest! But, good news.. one weekend won’t make much difference and here’s why – offices are closed (no emails)!

If you’re still not completely convinced, here’s why I’m taking a little vay-cay from social this weekend. I want to enjoy my own weekend, not watch what everyone else is up to (comparison is the thief of joy after all!) Whilst looking at my phone, I miss real life, real conversations, real weather, basically everything and I’d quite like to live in the moment! Lastly, I figured social media will still be there when I return on Tuesday, regardless! I’m hoping for a brain refresh, a motivation kick start and I’m excited to see if it makes a difference (perhaps a post on how I find it would be good!?)

So if you have been toying with the idea of having a little SM detox, read my tips below to get started and enjoy this beautiful, sunny weekend, away from the blue light of a screen!

Making it easier…

Let family members and close friends know that you might not be as active on your phone this weekend. It will stop them worrying when they realise you’re being less active AND will also prompt some lovely daytime activities. Not chatting via Instagram? Good news, you can chat in real life (with some cake!)

Did you know you can make your phone block you from social media?! So, if you’re worried you’ll be tempted you can set a time limit on any apps. Simply go into your Settings, Screen Time, App Limits and hey presto! It’s also a great way to check up on how much time you’re using specific apps too (which can be shocking!)

It can be really empowering to leave the house without your phone. I love to go for a power walk around the block and I can easily do this without my phone – it feels so good to breathe in the fresh air and see things that aren’t in photo form! Of course, if you’re on a longer journey or there’s a chance you might break down (etc) you can always just leave your phone in your car instead…

See you on the flip side!

Photography by Chris Bradshaw


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