How To Wear: Knee High Boots

Got a great pair of knee high boots in the cupboard but unsure on how to wear them? Here are my four top ways to style those boots and get some wear in before we’re blessed with some warm sunshine!

Styling Those Knee High Boots

During Winter I fell in love with a complete new style of shoe. Something I had never tried to wear before or even attempted to style and to be honest.. I’m not sure how I made it this long without them! I’m talking about the knee-high boots, aka the best purchase I ever made (not even kidding)

I was a little scared of trying knee-high boots at first – I didn’t want to look too dressed up as my style is quite casual. I definitely didn’t want my knees to be all “bunched up” because they were too tight on my legs and well to be honest.. I just didn’t think I’d feel comfortable.

I spotted some boots I liked the look of in New Look and decided to order them and give them a go. I styled them with all sorts of outfits over on my Instagram and I actually felt really good in them. They made outfits work so much more than before, made my legs look more flattering and I loved the slight retro feel they could give an outfit too. Infact, I liked them so much in the end I went back and brought them in brown too.

So, how do you style knee-high boots? I hear you ask… Can you wear them now Spring is on it’s way? Yes, yes, yes. Here’s how I wear mine…

With layers

I love layering with tops, jumpers and jackets, but sometimes when it comes to the bottom half it ca be tricky to know what looks best to finish off the outfit. Recently I have found that knee high boots finish off the look perfectly and I love how they work with a shorter skirt and longer trench coat, like above!

With Midi/Maxi Skirts

Midi skirts are just calling out to be worn with knee-highs. Sure, you can’t actually see the top of the boots but this is the perfect addition for this type of skirt. The main point is that they keep your legs warm, so no need for tights. They’re also really flattering and make those pins look much longer, which is always a bonus for me! I just love the look this creates and it’s something I’ve been really enjoying throughout the colder months. It’s opened a whole new part of my wardrobe back up for exploration!

With a Mini-Dress

Wearing knee-highs with a dress is a great way to dress up an outfit, but also keep it looking on trend. Here I paired a slightly retro shaped dress with my boots and it gives it such a cute 60’s feel which I love! Of course it keeps your legs warm without having to worry about tights too which is an added bonus! Grab a pair with a bit of a heel and it will look super flattering too.

With Jeans & Trousers

Lastly may be the most obvious choice – boots over jeans! I love this look and it’s a great way to mix up an outfit but also a great way to re-wear some of your jeans. I have so many different jeans and some are ankle-grazers which would ever work during the colder months. Whilst we’re waiting for Spring this is definitely a great way to wear those boots!

Photography by Chris Bradshaw