Cool To Be Comfy

It’s not always about tight jeans, boots that rub and tops that ride up… comfort is key! I’m the biggest fan of a cosy comfortable outfit, especially in the colder months. Come see what outfit I’ll be wearing this November and some other outfit ideas if you want in on the comfy train! This post is kindly sponsored by Superdry.

It’s cool to be comfy

I realised, whilst out for a walk the other day, that I don’t talk about my “comfy clothes” enough online. You know… the coat that actually keeps you warm, the trainers that feel like slippers and the leggings that you can’t even feel on your skin. I would say my life is spent 50% in nice outfits and 50% comfort, which is a great mix – if I do say so myself. Comfort is always key when I’m choosing my outfits each day and like many (I’m sure) I have brought things in the past that don’t pass the comfort test, and it’s always a let down. Goodbye itchy jumpers, trousers that are too tight, shoes that rub.. and hello to comfort, you babe you.

The outfit I’m wearing here is my classic ‘going for a walk but still want to look cool‘ look, and I really like it! I think all black definitely gives any outfit a +10 in the cool factor too, incase you were wondering!

The coat was £30 from Primark and it’s the best purchase of November for me as it keeps me toasty and looks nice too (plus a hood for when it rains!) I have a fancy leopard print jumper from ASOS for a little pattern pop. The leggings are from Superdry and I adore the flash of neon pink – these would also be perfect for the gym/exercise as they feel super secure and flattering. Lastly, I always wear my Nikes for walks – the best and most comfiest pair of casual trainers I own, hands down!

So, I thought this would be a good place to show you some comfort-first outfit ideas. From joggers and hoodies to jeans and a nice tshirt, these are the outfits I wish I could wear everyday and to be perfectly honest… one day I most likely will! So… let’s get comfy, shall we?..

Keepin’ it red! Love these joggers and the pop of red, I really enjoy co-ordinating colours, hence the red jumper and hat to match. This jumper looks super warm and I love how it’s not too “sporty”, perfect for a pub lunch type outfit if you’re wanting to dress up joggers a tad. Of course, if we’re talking pub lunches, it will most likely be a Sunday which is always a no-wash hair kinda day, hence the beret.. a festive way to cover up those greasy roots!

I like to think of this style outfit as a little more ‘city chic’, which is perfect for a day of running errands! We have the comfy trainers (fit flop are honestly my BFF at the moment) a soft hoody, another fab pair of leggings and of course…that black coat with a hood, everyone needs one.

And lastly, we have cute comfy because isn’t this just the cutest outfit you’ve ever seen?! Yes! Jeans can be comfortable too, it’s just all about which brand, style and sizing you go for. Everyone is so different when it comes to their body shape, so it makes it tricky to recommend jeans however.. I’m loving anything by Bershka at the moment! I also spotted this amazing jumper on ASOS, it may be a little pricey but I think it would work with so much. This is the perfect comfy-lunch style outfit, I’m in love!

Photography – Chris Bradshaw


I looooove how you have styled this babe! I feel like Superdry is killing the game with cosy dressing

Ellie x