Where Have I Been?

Oh hey there, I guess I should explain why I haven’t posted in a while…

So, it’s been a month.

Truth be told, I have been right here. Making lists (with a fluffy parrot pen, might I add) on what blog posts I should be writing, putting new batches of edited photos into folders for these promised blog posts and then… my mind just didn’t want to take part.


If you’ve ever worked in some kind of creative role, you’ll understand that sometimes your mind just goes a little blank. It’s good to take time away from the creative project in question to kick start it all off again but of course – bit tricky when it’s your job (and you don’t want to be homeless) so you carry on, and well… the mind still doesn’t want to join in on the funshow that is creating somethinganything, god dammit.


Then again, if you follow me on other social channels, you will have seen that I’ve been active on those. Creating photos, uploading stories of my breakfast and the like, of course chatting on YouTube about my most recent purchases but for some reason, it was the sitting down to type that just wouldn’t work. Part of me is blaming the fact that my office resembles an oven right now and let’s face it – I wouldn’t be a true Brit if I didn’t blame the weather for something at least once a day.


So that’s me and where I’ve been for the past month (honestly, time flies) I have a whole notebook full of topics and posts I want to be working on now that my mind seems to be back on the game. However, I obviously couldn’t just turn up unannounced without saying hey, my mind broke a little, but I’m back now.


I’ve popped some tips below for getting yourself out of a mind-blanking-funk, so if you’re struggling with the Weather *ahem* your mind not working, see if they work for you too. They worked for me, but it did take a month… so be prepared. It’s a long road.

Getting your mind out of it’s selfish funk

Read Cool Stuff

Being a blogger means I read a lot of content and blogs from people in the same industry. This is similar to working all day in Accountancy and then coming home to read a book by someone else working in Accountancy and it’s not fun. Pick up a cool book, something totally unrelated to your profession. It can be inspiring and if it’s not that, it’s just fun and a good way to spend your time.

Go Places

You know when you’re driving on the motorway, you have the tunes banging, the sun is setting and then.. out of nowhere, BRAINWAVE. That’s me to a tee, I can sit and wait days for my mind to wake up, then it wakes up somewhere random. It’s good to get out your house if you’re feeling uninspired, go for a walk in the woods or a drive to pick up a coffee.

Talk To People

Luckily, I get to engage with lots of lovely people and it’s so helpful when I need advice about my work. I usually post a little question poll on my instagram stories about what people would like to see from me (content wise) and what they love to watch/read. It’s a great insight! I also turn to my family & friends if all else fails, they always pick me up and sort my mind out.

Stop The Self Doubt

Oh yeah sure Laura, just turn off the self doubt that teases my mind?! Easy, that.

I know, I know. Not quite as easy as that, is it? I have moments in my life where I am riddled with self doubt. Am I good enough? Why am I not good at this like *insert name*. I swear *insert name* thinks my work is rubbish. Everyone hates me. I need to leave the internet.

When I have these little sad moments, I do try and remind myself that it’s all coming from ME. It’s my mind playing games on itself and to be honest.. it’s not nice or cool. I think most of this is due to society being a bit of a jerk and fooling us into constantly comparing ourselves and whilst it will never go away, it’s good to know how to stop it once you feel it happening.

As soon as I start scrolling and comparing, I simply put down my phone and any form of social contact with the outside world. I watch Netflix documentaries with my Husband (and ask him if he loves me 10 times because I just like doing that) I chat to my little Budgie and play flying games with her, I read, I enjoy some secret “non internet” hobbies that I have, I just live.

Living is the best way to delete self comparison as soon as it starts kicking in. A phone and the internet just fuels the fire.

Your only limit, is your mind.


It is so hard to get out of a creative rut sometimes. Thank you so much for these tips!