Polkadots and Four Summer Goals

Wearing polkadots and pondering over my Summer life goals…

Dots and Goals

So we’ll start with the polkadots. I thought I had well and truly grown out of wearing polkadots when I finally threw out an old dotty t-shirt brought in “emo era”, from H&M for a fiver. I happily avoided them for a while… but let’s be honest – how could I avoid them for much longer? They’re fantastic! I can safely say that like most pattern trends, I’m addicted. If I see anything polkadot I need it in my life, including this cute little co-ord set from IKRUSH, obviously! I wasn’t sure how this would fit but actually it’s really flattering. You’ll be glad you know the tops not too short and the shorts just long enough for me to feel comfortable. Not only that but if you guys have read my blog for a while you’ll know I also love my stud details. So of course I had to pick up these studded heels to fuel that addiction too! These are also IKRUSH, whom have a fab selection of high heels. I like the fact that these are simple slide-ons and will go with so much this Summer.

Next up, we’re talking Summer goals. We all set ourselves so many goals throughout Winter, with new years resolutions, Summer body goals and so on. I’ve decided that rather than saving mine for the end of the year, I’m being proactive and trying my best to live by mine right now. I’ve been trying my best to live by these four goals for a while now and I can definitely see a difference in myself. The thing with setting yourself goals is to remember that not everything changes overnight. You’ll have set backs but with determination it can definitely be done, I’m sure of it.

So, the four goals…

Be Calmer

I’ve found myself taking things far too serious recently. Whether it’s down to my age (wah) or just a few bad patches recently, I know I don’t want to live everyday in a negative, highly strung headspace. This one is taking some time to adapt too but I’m slowly getting there… even when I drop a whole box of eggs, it’s fine… really. I’m trying my best to be more easy going, calmer, not worry about the small things so much and try my best to be more positive.

Be Healthier

I’m gluten free, so tend to believe that my diet is probably healthier than your average (can’t eat donuts, basically) but this isn’t always true. I get sugar cravings like no other, when I want chocolate, I need it.. and it has to stop. I’m more of a vegetable girl than a fruit one, but I’m definitely trying my best to eat more fruit and drink more water. I’m slowly cutting out more dairy products too, barista oat milk in my coffee is a winner!

More Screen Breaks

Working in the “online industry” can be so much fun and I feel so blessed this is my job. However, with most jobs there are the cons and my biggest one is being on my computer and phone 24/7. I’m constantly checking emails, looking at feeds, editing, writing and whilst it’s amazing.. my head can sometimes feel cloudy. This Summer I want to live in the moment more, put my phone down when it’s my downtime and start reading books again.

Find Time For Myself

You know when the days turn into weeks, the weeks into months and so on? Time flies. I find that I’m constantly trying to fit everything in, slotting in schedules, deadlines, daily life chores and then I look at my toe nails.. and they need painting. My fake tan needs re-applying, I need to spend more time with Chris, my family, my friends. I need to enjoy life and laugh and sit in a beer garden without my phone. I need to do this more and Summer is my time.

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Love everything about this! The co-ord set, the shoes, the photos..