Misplacing My Mojo

Losing your mojo is easy to do, it can be finding it that feels a little tough…


The thing with being a full-time blogger is that you need a hella’ lot of inspiration. Your brain needs to be fired up at all times, thinking of new concepts, new ideas, new posts, new photos, new EVERYTHING. You need to be confident in yourself and your content as well as doing all the usual ‘life stuff’ which of course includes having the occasional bad day. I mean… it’s a lot to fit in and sometimes it’s really hard. You’re told to not use too many hashtags, only upload iphone photos to instagram, to speak at a certain speed in videos, have a voice and to be honest.. it’s all a bit much (Of course, it’s really blimmin’ great too and I’m a very lucky lady that this is my job – just a disclaimer that I’m very grateful)


Somehow, some time ago.. all the rules, regulations, lack of inspiration hit me and I kinda misplaced my mojo. Whilst I sound like an Austin Powers film, I don’t mean that mojo, I’m talking about my content mojo. I lost my spark, my reasoning and I guess I lost my way a little. I wasn’t sure that what I was doing was right for me. I guess part of me was trying to fit into every single trend I was seeing, so much so.. I lost myself. Not being one to moan publicly, I kept my mojo-problem to myself and carried on the best I could. I sometimes shot photos I wasn’t always happy with, produced content that took me much longer to brainstorm and to be honest I just felt a bit lost in the big wide web. When you’re passionate about your job and it starts to feel a bit stale, everyday seems a bit bland. I felt troubled and not sure how to fix the problem. I questioned my online exsistance daily.


Then, my Husband Chris went full-time with his Wedding Photography business and with him being around alot more, he told me to make a list of what I wanted to achieve with my little ol’ internet space. He inspired me to push the boundaries again, shoot content that I would enjoy and keep my creative mind interested – basically create what I want to, not what I thought everyone else wanted to see. He made me show him some photos I liked, then quizzed me on why I liked it, and why it was different to my own. Looking back at my own content I could then see where I was going wrong. I took pen to paper and brainstormed absolutely everything and anything – what I enjoyed creating, who I enjoyed reading, what topics I wanted to discuss. I took some time away from shooting images, writing and filming and it was the best thing I could have done. I realised that I just needed to create for myself because that was the most passionate work I could ever create.


I knew I married Chris for a reason…


The thing is, when you step back and look at the bigger picture… you can find yourself again. So this is my plea to all those with misplaced mojos. Whether it be a loss of mojo in blogging, your work, a relationship, friendship… just take some time to evaluate it as a whole. Brainstorm all the great things about you, the work you do, what you like, what you dislike. Ask for opinions, for advice, take a week off. Read again, look at photo albums, go for a walk. Find inspiration in everyday again, and the rest will come. Never be afraid to be yourself, do what you want to and spend your time pleasing your own mind.. the rest will follow.


Everything can always be fixed and the mojo can always be found.

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Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

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Photography by Chris Bradshaw


Tulle et soie !
Superbe photographie, à l’esthétisme très rechercé !
bonne continuation