Exploring Corfu

I was whisked off on a four night stay in Corfu and it was more dreamy that I had ever imagined…

Trip Of Dreams


Recently I was lucky enough to be invited on a 4 night stay at the Grecotel Corfu Imperial, Greece. I was sent to explore the Hotel and Corfu with four other bloggers and as soon as I boarded my Aegean Airlines Flight, I knew I was in for a treat. Whilst my channels have always been mostly Fashion based, Lifestyle and Travel is something that excites me and I would love to share more of it on here. So if you’re game, I’m game!

Flights can be difficult for me, what with being gluten free and I always hate the thought of being stuck in the air, hungry and not able to eat any of the on-board food. Because of this I always stock up on panic snacks in duty-free… it’s become quite a tradition. However on this occasion it definitely wasn’t needed and those snacks stayed well and truly uneaten in my bag! The on-flight meal was served up and was totally gluten free (yay!) it also arrived before anyone else’s to avoid contamination and yes.. getting your food first is definitely the perk of an allergy when you’re starving! Also a thing to note when you travel with Aegean Airlines is that you get snacks and drinks throughout the flight which is so nice (and breaks up the journey nicely too!) It was a superb start to my trip for sure.

Travelling is something I am looking to do more of, especially now that Chris (my Husband) has gone full-time with his Wedding Photography. It gives us a lot more time to explore and because we’re both self employed now we don’t have to stick to the 4 weekly holiday leave anymore, which makes it much more enjoyable and freeing!

So off I went to Corfu and what greeted me at the other end was definitely pretty damn special…

The Hotel

We arrived at the Grecotel Corfu Imperial in the evening and even then it still looked beautiful! I walked into the lobby and saw the most beautiful flower display – the hotel change this weekly and it’s such a lovely idea. Everything was designed to perfection, so tidy and well maintained and on first impressions you might say I was very excited to stay. The main thing to note about this hotel aside from how beautiful it is, is the staff. The people working at this hotel are so polite, friendly and accommodating – I felt so welcomed and looked after, which totally made my trip.

Corfu Imperial is located on a private peninsula, so wherever you are in the hotel you have the most amazing view. Boat-watching became a favourite past time of mine whilst laying on my sun-bed! There were so many choices of restaurants and different types of food but I’ll go more in depth in a food post coming soon, because it was just so good. If you’re not one for sunbathing, you can take part in some water sports (I recommend the canoes) hop on the Luxury Sea Transfer to Corfu town and there’s also a spa, if you fancy a massage.

Dream Villa

If you watched my vlog (see below) you’ll see how excited I was when I got to my villa. Seeing the blue glisten from the pool when I got to my front door was like Christmas! I was lucky enough to stay in one of the Dream Villa‘s and yes, had my own private pool and even a little section of the beach. I arrived in the dark so as excited as I was… the best was yet to come. I woke up at 6am purely from excitement and opened my curtains to be greeted by the most amazing view of the sea. Also, I definitely recommend a private pool if it’s in your budget. It made such a difference and I loved having some private relaxing time and a dip in the pool whenever I fancied. Of course though, the main hotel pool was also beautiful and really well kept.

The interior of the Dream Villa was simple and elegant, which I loved. The dining area was amazing for when you dine in and the lounge/sofa area great for a little evening chill. Of course, most importantly the bed was so comfortable and absolutely huge. There were enough wardrobes for everyone (and more) and even a little fridge for your makeup bag, which prevented my products melting! A coffee machine, mini-bar, bath with a sea view, two sinks, two showers – the list is endless. Everything and more was covered and to be honest, I could have lived there forever very happily! The maids were amazing too, keeping my room clean and also coming in at nighttime to close my curtains and leave a light on for me!

I’m not sure I’ve ever felt this content whilst travelling before. I woke up with a massive smile on my face and pulling back my curtains everyday was such a delight. I wanted to constantly be outside, reading my book, taking in the view, jumping in my pool and it was so good for the soul and mind.

Things you don’t need to pack – towels, slippers or a hairdryer as these are all supplied in the room (plus the hairdryer was a normal sized Babyliss one, bonus!)

Beautiful Beaches

As I mentioned, with the Dream Villa I had my own section of the beach which was so lovely. A short walk down some steps and I could be sitting by the lapping water ready for a dip in the warm sea. There were also the most amazing public beach areas to relax on with comfortable sun loungers, umbrellas and a relaxed vibe. You could also hire a private cabana for an added dose of luxury. Whilst we visited, the hotel was fully booked and it never seemed busy or crowded – there were definitely no morning queues for a sun lounger at the Corfu Imperial.

My trip to the Grecotel Corfu Imperial was one of complete luxury. The moment I stepped foot into the lobby I was instantly relaxed and knew I was going to have the most amazing time. I joked at the end of the trip that I was going to hide in the wardrobe so I didn’t have to leave and… I meant it!

Stay tuned for more posts soon!

(Including more about the food, beauty products I packed and things to do in Corfu)

Watch The Vlog!

A massive thank you to Grecotel for inviting me on such a special press trip and to Aegean Airlines  for covering our travel.