Six Summer Shoes

I’m a highstreet girl through and through, so come inside and see five things I picked up from Missguided this week!

Six Must Have Shoe Buys


These baby-blue loafers are the cutest shoes I own, thanks to Vagabond. At first I wasn’t too sure how wearable they would be but I can confirm that infact, baby blue goes with alot in my wardrobe! They look amazing paired with denim, a cute little striped jumpsuit I own and of course some colour clashing (which is my favourite!) Pastel shades are always my favourite for Spring, but these do come in two other colours incase blue’s not for you. I would say that these are definitely more of a wardrobe investment at a higher price point but of course with good quality shoes they last a whole lot longer too.

Okay so, my ideal Summer sandals? Black, strappy and studs. These are a hole in one.. well done Next! I have already worn these a handful of times (even in the cold, I love them that much!) and they are not only really comfortable but also make any outfit a little more stylish, which is always a bonus! They look amazing with jeans, trousers and of course dresses and skirts. The multiple straps make them super flattering too and I love how edgy they are. I have the black but have to confess that I do have the red on their way too. Does anyone else find something they love and need every single colour?! They come in so many shades, I basically want them all. Just LOOK at the green!!!

Cute White Trainers

A few years back, I’d never wear trainers… oh how I was missing out. These Adidas cuties are by far my favourite for the warmer months. They are crisp white, look amazing with jeans, shorts, dresses (love that casual vibe!) and to be honest… pretty much anything! I really love mixing smarter wear with casual trainers right now too, so a relaxed blazer looks amazing, not to mention a whole co-ordinated suit. They are more on the pricey side (although, reduced to £60 on Amazon Fashion right now!) but I can confirm that you will get your wears worth – I wear these everywhere! I got a few blisters the first few times (my feet hate me) but once broken in, they are like slippers… but cooler.

Mustard Beach Flats

If you read my last post, you’ll know I’m trying to add more yellow into my wardrobe, so these slide ons were the perfect fit! I love the woven detailing and the fact they have no back – perfect for quick pool exits or garden runs and of course… no blisters! I wear mine with almost everything but they look so cute with a little floral dress. Of course, I co-ordinate with yellow accessories, including a matching bag and statement earrings.. such a cute Spring look!

Cute Gingham Sandals

Now, these gingham sandals are from Primark and of course, I can’t link to them BUT I have found some alternatives below (albeit a little more pricey though!) These are new-ish stock though, so definitely keep an eye open for them in your local store. I think these are such cute shoes, I love the gingham print paired with the oversized bow.. dreamy! They’re super flattering, I just love how statement, big sandals make your legs look amazing. They do of course go with so much but I love how they look with a cute all-black Spring outfit, very chic…

Bronze Slip-Ons

Turns out, bronze shoes are a must, especially when they look like this! I’m going all out with the backless shoes this Spring but I just can’t stop.. they’re so easy to wear! These look amazing with a casual suit, with a fancy dress or just with denim and an oversized white shirt. They’re giving me that whole casual, but cool vibe and I love everything about that! Again, these are more of a higher-end spend (ha poet!) but totally worth it. My advice would be to buy a colour you’ll be able to wear with everything – hence the bronze! These babes go with black, white, gold, silver, brown, pink, blue… you name it, ALL the colours!

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Cute White Trainers is the best of all of them. Just love that shoes. All of them are amazing but if I have to choose one from them then my vote goes to white trainer.

Cute White Trainers is the best of all of them. Just love that shoes.

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