My Top Five Wedding Memories

It’s been ten months since I became a Wife and I definitely have a few favourite memories from our day…

Ten Months On…

It’s been ten months since we got married and it has flown by! I can’t believe that I’ll be celebrating a year of being a Wife in May but we have managed to jam pack in some major life changing events during that time too. One of the biggest being moving house! I guess time flies when you’re busy, right?!


The thing is, when it comes to your Wedding day, it goes by so fast. Infact so do the days, weeks and months after. I feel like I can remember some parts of my Wedding day so vividly yet others are lost in a bit of a giddy haze. Luckily I have a video and tonnes of photos from the day and these are always good memory boosters.


Whilst browsing the few photos saved on my phone (you may have seen the one I insta-storied) I came across some details from the day that I had kind of forgotten about, including how amazing the marquee looked. Even though I spent a big section of my day there, I just didn’t get the time to see it totally empty and take it all in. Of course for this reason alone I am so grateful to have the photos to look through and thought I would share my top five memories with you guys!

The Decor

When you’re planning your day it is so difficult to picture how all the decorations are going to look together. There are so many different elements of the day, such as colours, room decorations, chair accessories, the cake and so on. They all have to be planned separately and with most of the decor, you don’t get to see any of it before the wedding. I really struggled with this. I like to know exactly how things look, have something physical to see and match up to other items – much like planning an outfit.

When I got closer to the day, I put all the decor worries I had to the back of my mind – there was nothing I could do, except just hope it all turned out okay! We had some cake issues on the day (longggg story) but aside from that, I was so pleased with how it all came together. The colours worked so well together and matched my Bridesmaids perfectly (we went for Earthy tones – pinky browns, greens and silvers) I love looking through the marquee photos and seeing it all sitting there, looking pretty and yeah, I guess a part of me feels proud that it worked so well.

Getting Ready

My favourite part of a night out has always been the getting ready and I guess that was the same for my Wedding! Even with only 3 hours sleep (thanks to noisy hotel neighbours) and a bit of a stressful mid-morning room move it was still a lovely part of the day. I had all my best friends and parents in the same room whilst we chatted, laughed and got ready.

Even in the moments when I felt my nerves starting to come to the surface (NO ONE warns you about the pre-wedding nerves!) they kept me occupied and calm. We ate sandwiches, drank *some* champagne, listened to a wedding playlist and joked about how they wouldn’t be able to call me “Potter” anymore (they still do…)

The Flowers Arriving

This may seem a bit random but… I loved when the flowers started arriving at our venue. The morning of our wedding for me went by in a bit of a haze and to be honest, felt like we were just getting ready for a special evening out. However, by the time the flowers arrived I was having my hair done and it all started to feel so real. The room became so excited, I remember my Mum looking at me with a big smile on her face which was so special. The room filled with the scent of the bouquets and it was the first time I let myself be really excited for the day, rather than nervous for the isle-walk!

It’s a similar situation with the flowers as it is the decor – you don’t get to see a thing until the actual day, which can be pretty nerve wracking. Thankfully I totally trusted our amazing florist, Rebecca Avery and knew they would be everything I had asked for – and they were! I absolutely loved my bouquet and wanted to hold it all day long.. and I did just that!

Escaping for Photos

It’s no lie that the whole day whizzes by and you don’t really get much time to spend with your new Husband/Wife, except for the couple photos. Everyone is obviously excited and wants to congratulate you and of course if you haven’t seen some guests for a while, a catch up is in order. This is why it’s really nice to sneak off alone together at some point alongside the photographer to just have some time to talk and see each other, whilst having your photos taken. We actually did this twice during the day – straight after getting married and then again in the evening. It was lovely to get some “us time” and I actually felt like I saw Chris quite a lot throughout our day.

Some of my favourite moments from the day were spent alone taking photos with Chris. It felt like we were walking around in a little just-married bubble. We hugged, chatted, laughed and got to appreciate our feelings right there in the moment. Because of this, when we shoot Weddings together (Chris is a wedding photographer!) we always advise the couple to just take some time to chat and we snap photos of them during this time, they always come out super natural and you can see those just married emotions for real – it’s a win win.

The Date

This may sound weird, but I loved looking at the date and seeing “13th May 2017”. It was a date I had waited for and it was finally there, in black and white. It created a buzz of excitement inside me, tummy butterflies, heart flutters and actually, it still does. When you count down to something for so long, it almost feels like it will never come, much like Christmas when you’re a child.

It goes hand in hand with the short moment I was alone at the wedding breakfast table in our marquee. I remember looking around the room at my family and friends, chatting away, laughing with eachother and it filled me with joy. They had all come there, just for us. We had a few rough months leading up to the wedding and it was a moment of appreciation – I appreciated life, love and being there which was something I hadn’t felt for a while. It was lovely and a feeling I don’t think I’ll ever really be able to explain it properly but it’s definitely one I won’t forget.

Wedding Links

Photography – Kathryn Hopkins | Venue – Prested Hall | Flowers – Rebecca Avery | Dress – Sottero and Midgley via Grace & Lace | Shoes – Rachel Simpson (use the code tinytwisst for 10% off, valid until end of June 2017!) | Bridesmaid Dresses – Maya Boutique via ASOS | Groom & Usher’s suits – Moss Bros | Groom’s Shoes – Howick | Makeup & Hair – Amy Lawrence | Band – Jupiter Ray


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What a beautiful post, it’s made me so excited for my wedding in July xo

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such lovely details! I just got married 6 months ago and I too keep looking through my photos, reliving the day, and recounting things that may have been slightly forgotten.

You were a gorgeous bride, congrats!

XO Sahra
Que Sera Sahra