Things I Never Thought I’d Say…

I really didn’t think I’d ever say this but…


We’ve all said that one sentence… “I never thought I’d say that” a good few times in our lives. At the tender age of 29 I’ve been saying it (or thinking it) a lot recently and I’m not quite sure when the shift in time happened, but it most definitely has. I’m maturing, I’m ageing and actually I kinda like it (see? I definitely didn’t think I’d say that) It’s a saying I’ve heard my elders say daily and now I’m doing the same. It can be about anything and everything, the silly, the emotional and the downright weird. So, here are some things I really never thought I would say…

I don’t enjoy clubbing

I used to spend hours getting ready, curling each separate strand of hair and using a whole hairspray can to hold the curls for the few hours whilst “in da club”, not to mention getting through more foundation and fake than Fashion Week. Then there’s the hundreds, thousands of pounds I spent on club entry, cheap WKD rip offs and overpriced taxis. All that aside, nothing made me smile more than my favourite song coming on in a club, being alcohol confident and dancing as if I were the real Beyonce. Even those ringing ears and bed-ridden hangovers every Sunday couldn’t stop me, I loved it and I would definitely never get bored of it.

Then, LOL, age happened. I still go out sometimes but it’s never to a club. I quite like going to the cinema, or our for a nice dinner and if that fails.. to be honest I’d rather just get a Chinese takeaway and watch Netflix. Nothing fills me with more dread than having to spend hours getting ready every weekend, wearing heels that kill my feet and having an all day hangover for the sake of it. Also.. don’t even get me started on leaving the house without a coat when it’s -1, that’s never ever happening again.

An Empty Washing Basket Fills Me With Joy

I didn’t even know what a washing machine was for most of my teenage years. Infact, the washing basket used to belong in my bedroom and I didn’t really understand how it worked – it filled up, got emptied and my clothes magically appeared on my bed… ironed and ready to go again (Thanks Mum) Never did I realise the amount of satisfaction that little basket could bring someone. Walking into the spare room and seeing the washing basket with a closed lid with no clothes spilling out of it honestly makes my day. One less job, more time for Netflix and PJ’s.

Let’s Go To B&Q

I’d heard of B&Q, my Dad used to nip there on the weekend and I sometimes got roped into coming along. It was a dark place, full of people with needs I didn’t understand. Why would you spend your Saturday in such a god awful place? Even the floor looked sad. Now that I’m a home owner, ohhh it’s a different matter. Something need fixing? Let’s nip to B&Q, the amazing warehouse that sells absolutely everything you need. I definitely need to see 100 selection of taps, baths and tiles. Infact, I love the wood flooring section the most and sometimes I buy samples just because I like to collect them. Don’t get me started on the homeware isle either.. oh and the PAINT! The sample books.. never ending joy and fun.

“My Husband”

I always wanted to get married in the future… but didn’t really ever believe I’d find someone a) willing to spend forever with me and b) someone I’d be willing to spend forever with. But hey presto, in he walked… with a leather jacket and a guitar and the rest is history. However, saying “my Husband” is still very weird and makes me feel like I have aged 20 years overnight. Sometimes I feel like people might think I’m delusional and like lying about my martial status.. and some people wonder why I said a hybrid of boyfriend and husband so well. I’m told this one takes time to get used too though, so I’m working on it.

They’re not my kind of person

We all go through the people-pleasing stage of life, where it’s great to have the most friends, the highest Facebook friend count (or MySpace in my day…) and the most numbers in your phonebook. We also all know that it’s hard work having that many friends, replying to that many texts and having enough days in the week to see that many people. Not to mention the fact that sometimes we befriend people we don’t reeeeally like, but they seem cool so that’s cool. Regardless of all this, we do it anyway. Then, age happens and you realise that actually, some people just aren’t “your type”. We meet so many people throughout our lives and some we naturally gravitate towards, befriend and it stays that way for years. Of course, there will always be some that we meet, don’t have that mutual connection with and we go our separate ways. It doesn’t mean you’re not friendly, weird, not likeable… infact it’s entirely normal and little did I know – it’s a great way to see who your real friends actually are!

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Photography by Chris Bradshaw


LOVED this! I’m only 19 and I think I’m already over the clubbing thing hahaha xxx