The Opinion Changing Blazer

I’ve never been one for a Blazer but also, I’m not one to give up easily either…

I Have Never Been A Blazer Girl

If you have ever met me you’ll know I’m not really much of a blazer person. Don’t get me wrong, I love them – the idea of them, the way they look on others but for me? Nah. I’ve tried countless styles, colours, shapes and they just never really work for me. I can never really pin-point the actual reason but some are too smart, too short, wrong colour, shoulders too big… the list goes on. Of course, me being me… I still have a nifty blazer collection in my wardrobe of ones that have perhaps passed the test in the changing room or an online order but they hang proud and that’s where they usually stay.


Until now.


So, the lovely team at Baukjen asked me if I’d like to try a few pieces from their online collection and after swooning over their website for a while something inside just decided to go for this Polkadot Blazer and here it is. It’s funny that we always tend to go for the items that we know don’t suit us, isn’t it? Long story short – this blazer has changed my mind about my whole “do I suit a blazer?!” debate because actually, I really love this one. The material is soft and light which means it doesn’t feel as restricting and work-wear like. There’s minimal shoulder pads, cropped sleeves and it’s the perfect length for me. Overall I absolutely love how this looks and it just proves that sometimes it just takes a little bit of extra work to find a shape that suits you… because lets face it, not one size fits all.


Here I paired it with my new Primark blouse which at £10 is an absolute bargain (I got a size 14 by mistake but never actually realised, perhaps a sign that it’s a size up item!) and I love how the cuffs show through – a nice little addition. These jeans are also a much loved wardrobe item, thanks to Next. They are like wearing leggings, super light and flexible which makes them so comfortable and flattering. I love the slight flare, looser leg fit and let down hem detail. They work perfectly with my Anthropologie boots from a few months back – slowly breaking these guys in and they may well be the comfiest heeled boots I own, plus they’re pink so that’s a win win. I can’t wait to pair this blazer up with a cute slogan tee and converse next! So I guess you may be seeing it again sometime soon…

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I used to wear blazers all the time. I had every shade, shape and colour imaginable. Since gaining quite a few pounds, I haven’t felt like I could pull of the look. But I think I’m going to have to look into getting myself an amazing blazer soon. After all I do like how chic it makes you look!