The Low Down On Layering

Layering can be tricky, so here’s some tips to help you out, stay on trend and keep you warm…

Spring pending?

So, today I bring you a post all about layering, featuring my very new Tobi outfit which I’m in love with. When Tobi asked me to work with them on a post and feature some of their clothing I jumped at the chance. The website is full of affordable, on trend clothing and it’s incredibly hard to scroll through it all without filling up your basket. I spotted this lovely soft lilac dress and knew it would work amazingly as a jumper too, plus I love this colour right now. If you guys follow me over on social you’ll know that I have a bit of a thing for hats, so this faux-leather baker boy style was a must and the same with the sock boots – circle zip detailing is my absolute weakness.


Back when I chose this outfit, it may have been a little warmer (weirdly enough!)… so I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about layering – something I’ve definitely had to play around with and learn during my time in Fashion. Layering is tricky because it doesn’t always work out how you planned and of course, it’s not always the most comfortable. it;s definitely something that requires work and most of all? Tips. Lots of tips…


Because I was planning on wearing some black jeans with this look, a black long sleeved top worked really well under this lilac dress. It helps to add warmth but also balances out the black to lilac proportions. I would advise that when layering a dress over jeans it should be a nice shorter length and definitely not too long. The outcome is that ideally you want to make it look like a top, rather than a dress. Necklines can also be tricky – you don’t want too many on show. This dress was super easy to layer because it has a high neckline which is great, no matter what I put underneath it, it’s invisible. Of course, every outfit is different.. so I’ve jotted down my very top tier layering tips for you guys down below!

The low down on layering

Up The Size

If you’re buying an item with intentions of layering (i.e a Jumper, Hoody, Jacket) always go up a size, sometimes two depending on the item. Sticking to your usual size will make wearing anything underneath feel a bit tight, uncomfortable and it just won’t work. If you’re anything like me, this means you’ll end up with lots of comfy clothing which is basically my dream scenario.

Basics Are Key

You might think that buying plain long sleeved t-shirts or white shirts is pointless but actually, they make layering easy! A white shirt looks great under so many items whether it be a jumper, jacket or undone over a vest top – I love the cute preppy vibe it gives a look. Long sleeved t-shirts are also great for adding warmth and simple light layering. They can be invisible under jumpers, which is great.

Play With Colour

I always think the most successful layering happens when you mix colours. Even though layering with white seems the easiest, layering with pink, red, green is fun and creates much more interesting outfits. Don’t be afraid to wear colour and embrace it, adding a little pop of red to a monochrome outfit can make such a difference and is always a good place to start if you’re a little nervous.

This post is in collaboration with Tobi, all views my own – of course!

Photos by Chris Bradshaw