Why I Cut My Hair Short

One day I had dreams of growing my hair to my bum and the next? It was gone…

Good Riddance, Long Hair

It’s no secret that I’ve been sporting a hair cut recently. I went from wanting to constantly grow my hair as long as possible to wanting to get it cut as short as I could… funny how that happens isn’t it? My life has been one big long/short hair battle – never really sure which suited me best or which I preferred – sometimes loving and hating both short and long for many reasons. Looking back, I realise the times I have hated the length of my hair is usually something deeper routed. Whether that be boyfriend issues, life issues to many personal battles along the way, there’s always a bigger reason, which makes me realise how important hair can be.


Once my Wedding was over I told myself (and anyone that would listen) I was going to cut my hair short. However I kind of grew attached (literally..) to my longer locks and I soon realised it had become my safety blanket. Fast forward a few months and many “short hair” Pinterest boards later I decided I needed a refresh. Life has been a little on the tough side and I needed something to set me free from that, I knew a haircut would do the trick. Spoiler: it did.


I forgot about all the times I had told myself to “NEVER cut your hair short ever again” and I didn’t look back at any old photos. I booked in and had the chop without giving it a second thought. Leaving the Salon was – very dramatically – like leaving the old Laura behind for a bit and it felt great. My wardrobe looked different, I felt cooler and just a bit NEW. It’s funny how a simple hair cut can make you feel so different, both physically and emotionally.


Of course, I have picked up some tips along the way and been asked many short hair related questions, so carry on reading for those….

How do you cope with greasy hair days?

If you’re a lazy hair washer (like moi) then I would definitely advise only getting the chop to a length that is still just long enough to put up.

Mine is just above my shoulders and I usually either wear mine in a low bun (the easy tuck-under bun!) or if it’s a particularly bad hair day, I scrape it up as high as I can and pop in LOTS of grips to hold up the underneath section.

How can I protect my hair agaisnt heat?

Having your hair shorter does generally mean more styling and curling, which in return means more heat damage.

I always make sure to spray my hair with a heat protector when it’s damp AND again before I curl it. I use the Philip Kingsley Defence Spray when it’s wet and then the amazing Paul Mitchell Protect Spray when it’s dry. I advise using conditioner as often as you can and conditioning masks too, my fave Sunday pamper job!

What do you ask the hairdresser for?

I always take a photo with me to the Salon. You do have to remember that it can be tough to get the exact same look (due to the pesky Facetune whitening tool and of course different hair textures!) but it gives the hairdresser a starting point. I like to know we’re on the same page and taking photos has always worked for me (99% of the time, anyway!) I find all of mine on Pinterest, you can find my hair board here.

Cut wise, I always have my hair cut very blunt with no layers. This is because whilst I have a lot of hair, the texture is fine – so this allows it to feel and appear thicker. Colour wise I mostly I ask for a nice baby blonde which is placed nicely in the middle of caramel and white.

And if you’re still undecided, wait until you’re ready and sure the chop is for you.

But just always remember, it grows back 😉


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Gorgeous! I have cut my hair to a long bob a few years back, and never looked back, to be honest 🙂
It can look great with some soft waves when you are on the beach… My hair love Bondi Boost products like this one https://bondiboost.com.au/collections/hair-treatments/products/intensive-growth-spray that can help to reduce split ends and prevent breakage if you use curling wand too often

you look amazing! I just cut my hair and got balayage as well. It was a huge change but I’m loving it!