Four Things From Bershka

The January sales are in full swing and I picked up some great bargains at Bershka…

Hitting The Bershka Sale

I really like Bershka, it’s my go-to shop on Oxford Street when I’m killing time and fancy a little spend up. However, I’ve never really shopped online until now and I was so happy with my purchases. I luckily stumbled across the sale, which may I add is the best sale ever – so, so cheap! For instance, my favourite T-shirt of the entire haul was only £5.99 and some items have been reduced even more since that too.


Bershka is a really great store for on-trend pieces that are reasonably priced, even when not in the sale. I remember seeing a yellow denim jacket in store once and always regretted not buying it, so if you see it – buy it! Things sell out fast. Of course, everything is linked and there’s a video of the haul if you scroll to the bottom of this post. Thumbs up for Bershka!

Flower Tee, £5.99

First off, this T-shirt is £5.99… I mean, that’s not even enough for two coffees! It’s super oversized, so you don’t need to size up if you like to wear your tees a little bigger. Plus it’s also pretty long which makes it great for wearing over leggings or tucked into jeans. I love the cute illustrated print because it’s not something I’ve seen before and also there’s so many colours to work with which makes it perfect for a coloured beret hoarder like me. They also do a few different prints (I’ve got my eye on the bird one..) so take a look!

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Cute Pink Top, £7.99

The colours in this top is what attracted me to it, instantly. I love the pink tones mixed with lilacs, greens and blues. Also, the fit is really cute and definitely a little unique. It’s slightly cropped, so I would personally pair it with some high-waisted jeans but it would also look cute in the warmer months with some white ripped shorts. Delicate frill details on the sleeves and edging make this really feminine and I think it’s the type of top you can wear for pretty much any occasion.

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I’m not usually a shirt kinda girl but this caught my eye. I love the way the model on the Bershka website has been styled – high waisted jeans, shirt tucked in and classic black boots. It makes it look super relaxed and cool. I’m not sure I pull it off as well as her but I tried! There’s also some funky ring details on the sleeves which gives this shirt the edge appeal and stops it looking too much like office wear. It’s pretty oversized, so I wouldn’t size up for a baggy vibe.

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Ohhh, isn’t this blue just dreamy?! I love this fluffy hoody, it’s warm, cute and also… FLUFFY! Whilst I’ll admit it does need a good shake-off when it first arrives to get rid of stray fluffy bits, it’s a cute wardrobe addition for the colder months. I really like this shade of powder blue and can imagine it will suit everyone and anyone! I would wear this super casual over a tshirt but also with an all black outfit to add some fun. I would advise to size up in this if you like your hoodies to be a little bigger and baggy, as it comes true to size for me.

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Watch The Haul


That floral print tee is really cute. I have only ever shopped Bershka via ASOS, I’ll have to check out the sale online. x

As someone who has never tried Bershka before, this post is so useful!

Ellie xx

Love these “x things from” posts! Keep them coming 🙂