My Fave Sale Find

You know it’s going to be a good day when you find your dream item reduced in the sales….

Come to Mama

I brought this Jacket way before any sale had even started on ASOS… for £85. Eighty Five freakin’ pounds. As much as I adored it once it arrived, it broke my heart and my bank balance a little too much, so back to ASOS land it went.


I mourned it and I missed it so. I think I may have even dreamt about it a few times and I definitely had multiple conversations with people on whether it was really a lot of money and whether I should just keep it anyway? No one replied with the answer I was secretly looking for so I decided it was time to move on with my life and accept that this jacket was not to be mine. Yet.


So, whilst shopping the sales recently this infectious little mite popped back in my mind. Guys, honestly… I typed ‘Cracked Vinyl Biker Jacket With Curly Borg Liner’ into the search engine so damn fast I swear I saw my computer smoke. In the waiting time, my MAC keyboard ran out of batteries, I probably fainted a few times and the internet was slower than a snail going nowhere BUT… it finally loaded.


It was in the sale, for £51 and whilst I still think I’d prefer to pay £40… that was still good enough for me. I brought it, it arrived and I’ve never looked back since (well okay, I checked back once just to make sure it hadn’t been reduced anymore but that’s just human nature)


So, say hello to my fave sale fine – the magnificent vinyl jacket with curly faux-fur and a slight farty noise when you brush your arm and side together but oh my… doesn’t it look so very cool?

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Photos taken by Bang On Style


I love it when that happens!! It was well worth the wait girl – it’s gorgeous!xx

Lucy |

Love the jacket! Tempted myself now haha


loooove the hat, it just finishes the whole look and adds a cool pop of colour <3

Very cute jacket, I love the hat with this look too!

Anika |