Why I Don’t Have Any ‘Style Rules’

I just don’t believe in having strict rules for my own personal style. Find out why…

That’s not my style

A few weeks ago I received a bit of a troll comment on one of my YouTube Hauls. I’m pretty lucky when it comes to trolls of the internet as I don’t get targeted too badly *touches wood multiple times* However, if you follow me over on Instagram you might have seen my little rant about this particular comment because to be honest, it kinda hit a nerve. They had a few little digs about the haul itself which I shook off and laughed at… but then went on to tell me how I would be better to develop ‘my own style’ and buy fewer items in future. (Ha, no way luv!)


It did however make me look deep into my self (or more so, my wardrobe) and question what my style really was. Do I even have a style? To me, shopping has always been a bit of fun. It’s been time to bond and spend time with my Mum mostly (self-confessed shopping addicts) and it’s something I enjoy, the same goes for Fashion. I buy what I like, it’s really that simple. Rainbow jumper of dreams? It’s mine. Smart Black Blazer? I’ll take that too. I don’t wear one colour, one shape and I definitely don’t just wear one style. Personally I feel that limiting myself to a very small collection of clothing that fits into a style I have created for myself seems more like an Instagram theme, and I already have more than enough of those.


Of course, if I felt that v-neck tshirts didn’t really do the trick for me and my little lemons (boohoo) I wouldn’t wear them as much as I would a round neck. But, if a v-neck came along and it gave me that little buzz of excitement, a flicker of a future outfit forming in my mind, I’d still buy it. I wouldn’t stop myself because it was a v-neck and those just aren’t my style. I couldn’t, I simply don’t have the willpower.


I do admire girls that can stick to a very tame colour palette and have a very distinctive style, but for me it’s just about having fun – being able to wake up on a Monday and wear all black, and on a Tuesday wear a rainbow.


I’m not any less of a person or blogger for liking a little bit of everything. I’m varied, I enjoy it all and I guess, I’m just a little greedy.

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YES to everything you said! It really depends on my mood with what I’ll wear and I can go a bit crazy in Primark haha


I’m exactly the same – I just wear or buy whatever I like on any given day, and there’s no ‘theme’ or ‘rules’ that I follow. I think it’s fun, being able to decide what to go for each day and having the chance to make it totally different from the last if you want to. I always love your outfits, and am happy to put my hands up and say I’m part of the greedy club too! xx

Nothing wrong with being greedy when it comes to clothing! I think you’ve got great style! xx