The £3 Berets I’m Loving

I brought five berets for the price of one… and of course I had to share my sneaky find with you guys!

Bargain Beret


If you guys follow me on other forms of social media you may have noticed I wear a lot of berets. Infact, I’ve really upped my collection recently and I would safely say I own enough different colours to match any outfit I may come up with. I find berets really flattering and they’re the perfect shape hat for keeping warm but also looking cute. They work with any length hair, any outfit and you can wear them a few different ways too. Plus, if you’re a glasses wearer like myself then you’ll be glad to know this is a hat that works with them, rather than making you look like you’re trying to be in disguise!


But of course they do sometimes come at a price. Most high-street stores sell berets for £10+ and if you’re lucky, you might nab one in Primark for less but don’t hold your hopes up because these babies are popular and we all know what a Primark trend is like. Of course I’m about to drop a beret shaped miracle on you all because the following berets are less than £3 (!!!) I’m not lying or exaggerating, these berets are the cheapest I have found and for the price, the quality is actually pretty good (I have enough to compare them too, trust me!)


I came across these on eBay a while ago and ordered a ‘tester’, once I got that and couldn’t stop wearing it, I had to order more colours and of course tell you guys about them too. Quality wise, each colour does slightly vary – the mustard for instance is a slightly different material to the lilac, not in a bad way but they’re not all identical. Some sizes vary too, one can be slightly smaller than the other but with a little stretch and after a few wears I find they loosen up and become much more comfortable.


Basically these are an absolute deal. Even if you’re after a beret but unsure if they suit you, for less than £3 you can try without feeling guilty. So, here are *some* of the colours I’ve picked up and what I tend to wear them with…



I didn’t think I would get as much wear from the green beret as I actually have done. This baby goes with everything! I like to pick out greens from printed t-shirts (like the one I’m wearing here by Bershka) and pair it up but also, this tone of green looks amazing with an all-black outfit and a bright pink lippy. You might actually recognise it from my last outfit post here, I think it looks amazing with the jacket and adds a little something extra.


I picked up this mustard beret because I’ve actually never come across a mustard coloured one ANYWHERE before and it 100% caught my eye. Admittedly, I don’t tend to wear much yellow and I wasn’t sure if this would suit my paler complexion but it actually is one of my faves (I’ll probably be saying that for every colour, just so you know…) I picked out this t-shirt from my wardrobe hibernation rack (aka, never worn it before!) and it goes perfectly. Unfortunately I can’t find the t-shirt to link too, but check your local H&M store.


This jazzy lilac beret is definitely my most worn, it’s such a pretty shade and it works well with 99.9% of my wardrobe. I love pairing it with lilacs and pinks but it also looks really good with darker shades such as blacks, navy and teal. Plus, this little beaut looks amazing worn with a funky leopard print coat, which you can see in my post here! It’s a really good way of injecting some brighter colour into your wardrobe, even in the colder months and to be honest… lilac is my BFF now.


You might think MEH about this brown beret but… hear me out. It’s actually a very wearable because it’s perfect for the more neutral tones in your wardrobe. The browns, the creams, the greys, even the mustards and leopard prints work well paired with this one. It’s also super cute with natural makeup and a Kim K inspired nude lip.


Of course, the pink!!! I feel like this one might be the most popular because look how damn pretty it is! I love the fact that this is such a bright pink too, it really pops and works well with simple outfits, such as a monochrome striped tee. This also looks amazing with an all black outfit and some pops of patent (such as your boots!) Pop some sunnies on and you’re basically a celeb, ha! I wear this with most things but I do definitely try to keep the colour popping to a minimum as the beret does all the talking.

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Ohh, how cute! 🙂 The lilac is a great choice with your blue eyes.

I loved! great post, and you are so beautiful


These are amazing! Thanks for sharing I love them and they’re so cheap.

They are such good bargains!! xx

Those are so adorable ♥
Super cute!
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