The ‘Wear Every Year’ Coat

If you could buy a coat that you would wear every year, over and over, you’d probably do it… wouldn’t you?

& Why You Need One…

What am I on about? Well, the leopard print coat of course…


┬áIt is something you may well have seen before on my blog (here & here, to be precise) and I have no doubts that you will see it again. The thing is, this coat is extremely wearable and I do indeed re-use it every freakin’ year. I grab it out of hiding as soon as the Winter weather shows it’s ugly head and I wear this coat until the day Spring pops it’s baby face back in my life. I thought at first I would perhaps feel a little over the top, Pat Butcher, a tad too glam ‘o glam but actually… it adds something extra to my outfits (in a good way) and I feel pretty damn trendy when I wear it. It goes with absolutely everything and to be honest I think even if I was wearing PJ’s underneath, it would work with those too (I would like to say I’m not speaking from experience but… I am)


On another note, I broke out the bootleg jeans for the first time this year and I’m also loving those. If you’re a little bit of a curvy pear shape like moi, these are so very flattering (it’s all down to the flare sorting out your proportions!) The only downside is you have to wear them with a heel but luckily these boots via New Look are super comfortable – I wore them for an entire day in London recently and no problemos. I paired the whole outfit with my trusty Radley bag which I have had so many compliments on since owning it (my Mum & best friend now want one too…) The colour is perfect as it goes with everything and anything but also adds a special something to all outfits whether they be casual or evening styled! Plus, the size is perfect for me – just big enough for all my junk, but not too much of it. Definitely a bag I can see myself wearing over and over again… pretty much like the coat!


Lastly, I am pleased to finally announce that… I officially own a pair of Chloe sunglasses and I feel so very swish. Thanks to the lovely guys at Pret a Voir I chose these little babies and I couldn’t be more in love. They are such an amazing quality and I love the little unique details too. They’ve actually just started their Christmas sale too so click here to take a look at that (perfect Christmas gift, even for yourself… you deserve it!)

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This post is in collaboration with Radley, all views and bag love are of course my very own!

Photos taken by Bang On Style