Oh Holy Shiny Skirt…

The shiny, sassiest skirt in all the land – I picked it up in the sale and it’s been very loved ever since…

Sass It Up

Sometimes in life, you just have to buy that¬†shiny skirt in the sale (it was ¬£8.99 incase you’re wondering..)


I’m not sure why, but I’ve been loving all this patent fashion recently and I wanted in, I wanted in hard. I brought the skirt, alongside some patent boots AND vinyl trousers. However the boots gave me blisters, the trousers made me sound like I was farting with every step I took (promise I wasn’t) so the skirt was the clear winner here. I kept the receipt but tore out the tags, so I guess it’s here to stay.


The thing with this skirt is that it sure does stand out and yes… people may well stare – especially the two builders sitting in their van watching me have these photos taken. But it’s all worth it because look what it brings to this outfit. A chunky knit, red beret and this skirt is a match made in heaven, three key items that just work together. The skirt adds a little sass and the beret adds a little colour (festive too!) and the jumper adds a very sensible amount of warmth, which is very needed right now. To be honest, this is one of my new favourite outfits of the season and that’s saying something. Also just incase you didn’t notice, I’m wearing Snoopy on my watch and enjoying time-telling more than ever, thanks to Timex.


Incase I’ve not quite won you ever just yet and you need a little more persuasion… the ‘bin bag’ (lolz) skirt also works alongside a slogan tee and blazer, something a little more sexay for the evening such as a low v-neck and heels or even with your vast jumper collection that seem too boring to wear with jeans (this babe is the winner) It’s an all rounder, you just need to give it a chance.

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Photos taken by Bang On Style


I love the vinyl stuff at the moment but I did wonder about the trousers rubbing together, so you’ve saved me the hassle of buying and returning.

I like the pop of colour with your red details, very festive. x

Soooo obsessed with the vinyl trend right now


Ellie xx

Love the patent leather skirt. Perfect for any holiday gathering!