How To Keep Straight Hair, Wavy

Straight hair but prefer wearing it wavy? Me too! Here’s how to keep it put, all day long…

Waves Of Dreams

Recently Wella EIMI got in touch and asked if I wanted to spend the morning in their studio and learn all about a few new products and how they work. You guys know I’m a hair product junkie, so it was a huge yes from me. On arrival I was introduced to the stylists and we started styling my hair. The two key products used were as follows…

Thermal Image Spray – This product is perfect for protecting and styling your hair. It guards agaisnt heat damage (up to 220°c) and also helps smooth hair, leaving it looking more shiny. Healthy hair is always a must!

Texture, Shape Me – This is my fave! A heat activated hair gel which has been formulated with a memorising polymer complex that helps shape and keep hair put for up to 48hours. This is perfect for us straight hair girls that like a curl.

So, let’s get on with the tutorial. How to get relaxed waves and use the products to make them stay there…

Easy Loose Waves

Wavy hair is my favourite – it’s easy to do, looks natural and makes hair really easy to style. If I leave the house without my waves I feel like I’ve left my purse at home, and no one wants that! However, I have naturally straight hair and believe it or not, it hates holding a curl for more than an hour. So if you’re the same, this Wella EIMI Hair tutorial will definitely help, trust me – I know!

If you’re in need of a new do’ or an appointment with a stylist to talk through what you’d like to achieve with your hair, you can find the Wella EIMI Salon Finder here!

Styling Cream

Brush through wet hair and get rid of any knots, the smoother the hair the easier to style! Pump a walnut sized amount of the Shape Me gel into your palms and rub together. Smooth over the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.

Heat Protect

Now spray through the Thermal Image Spray, cover all areas of the hair – even the underneath!

Rough Dry

Grab your hairdryer and rough dry your hair. You don’t need to use a brush or make this super smooth – the products will do that for you! Make sure hair is completely dry, ready for waving…

Now, Curl!

If you find it easier, section off hair before you curl. I usually curl in two sections – the bottom first and then the top layer, but my hair is fine! Using a big barrel tong (if you have shorter hair, go for something smaller, this one is approx 38mm) Wrap hair around barrel, hold for 10 seconds and release.

Mess It Up!

As you can see, once finished the curls look uniformed and very spiral in shape. Now you need to mess it all up! Using your fingers, run through the curls and break them apart. You can also gently brush through them if you want a more subtle wave effect.


This post is in collaboration with Wella EIMI, all views are my own, of course – I feel honoured to work with one of my favourite brands.


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Your hair always looks amazing! LOve how you style it

Ellie x

Your hair looks amazing, loving the photos in this post, definitely full of inspo!

Anika |