Afraid Of Yellow

This one time, I was scared of wearing yellow but it seems that’s all changed…

Embracing It

Not going to lie, at one point in my life I was afraid of wearing yellow.

It drains my skin colour, blonde hair didn’t work with it, what would I even pair with it, it’s far too stand out and bright for me. I just don’t like it, infact… I’m afraid of it.

However this year I can safely say I’ve learned to embrace it. Some might say I’ve turned a corner. I’ve walked the yellow brick road and I’m not afraid to walk it once more.

Joking aside, you might remember this post, I talk about how much I LOVE yellow and that was a bit stepping stone in my journey with the sunshine shade. The reason I’m writing this is because isn’t it amazing how our tastes can dramatically change over time? One year I’m putting my sunglasses on when I see a yellow tshirt in H&M and now I’m all for it, infact.. give me everything in yellow and I’m happy.

So, this outfit is a celebration of yellow, of colour and of being brave. If there’s something you’re too worried about trying, give it a go anyway and I bet atleast 1 person tells you how great you look.

This is how I wear it, too.

Shop the post…

SO, recently an app got in touch and asked me to give it a try and let you guys know about it, if I liked it. I guess I don’t have to tell you that I do infact like it – because hey, I’m typing this! But anyway, first things first.. I like it because it’s easy to use, I am instantly inspired by outfits and you can earn commission when someone buys something you’re wearing. It’s not like other social channels, which is a nice refreshing break. SO… who is it?

The app in question is Looker.

Looker is a brand new app that allows you to share your looks with your audience without any annoying algorithms getting in the way of who can see your style and follow you. There are no age or size restrictions and Looker has been created to allow the users to find fashion that fits them, inspired by amazing real women.

Also, the posts on the Looker app are shoppable, so app users (including YOU!) can earn up to 5% commission on sold items, which is amazing for the bloggers and non-bloggers amongst us. I love that you can get paid to share your outfit and why not, hey?! Plus, there’s no social sharing woes attached – no commenters, no likes (no trolls!) and you don’t need to follow anyone back if you don’t want too. Looker is now available on the App Store and Google Play – it’s totally free to download and join. I’d definitely recommend it if you love fashion but hate your posts being hidden. Click here to give it a try!

If you want to shop this exact post, you can do so using the app by clicking here and viewing my photo!

Photos taken by Bang On Style

This post is in collaboration with Looker, an app I use and love!


I think it’s all about finding the right yellow and what to pair it with. You nailed it with this look though the blank helps balance it out for paler skintones
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