What I Wore To London

London in Winter is amazing but it’s darn hard to dress for. Here’s my top tips.. and what to do whilst you’re there!

A Day In London

One of the hardest days out to outfit plan for, ever. London in Winter is my arch nemesis – freezing cold outside, boiling hot on the tube, sweaty in the shops and uncomfortable on the long walks to and from. I feel that 9 times out of 10, I get my outfit wrong and I always regret what I choose to wear. However, that recently changed on a recent trip into London with my blogger pal Debs. I felt I nailed the outfit completely – not only did I like how it looked (why do I feel big headed typing that?!) but I also felt super comfy, all day long which is definitely a first for me. There’s so much to do in London during the festive months (keep reading for more info on that!) and I felt like this post would help some of you girls on what to wear for your London trips, or atleast what to consider when outfit planning.

This trip was so very festive and it definitely got me feelin’ all Christmassy! We trotted off to London from Basildon to Fenchurch Street with c2c Rail, which was possibly the easiest journey ever. We also kept all the activities within a 20 minute journey of Fenchurch Street, so that we could fit more into our day and try our best to avoid too many taxis and tubes.

So, my top four things you need to definitely wear into London this Winter are below, as well as three things to do whilst there…

A Warm & Light Coat

So, it may be warm on the tube but you definitely need a coat for outside (even more so in the evenings!) I’m loving a good ol’ coatigan right now which if you couldn’t tell is a mix between a coat and a cardigan – bonus! They are perfect for layering and keep in the warmth but also perfect because they’re light enough for the trains and shopping.

Coat – Winser London

Stretchy Dress

Okay so, you need something stretchy because let’s face it… did you even go to London if you didn’t get a food baby? Nut uh! I felt amazing with my bloated belly in this dress (mostly because the belt-bow hid it!) But also because it stretched with me, something I never thought I’d be typing on my “fashion blog”, ha!

Dress – Next

Comfy Boots

I am prone to blisters, it’s like my feet see a new pair of shoes and are all “Nah hun” – I get them on my toes, my ankles – basically everywhere. So, after years of trying & trying I have realised that it’s comfort all the way with footwear, especially in London as I walk A LOT (it’s better to see the sights!) Comfort is key, so put away those heels, grab your best boots and go with them.

Boots – 4th & Reckless

A Big Bag

No matter how many times I tell myself “I’m going to take a light bag”, it never happens. Either way, whether it’s before hand or after, I seem to end up with SO MUCH STUFF. I have realised over many trips that it’s better to take a bigger bag and fill it up, rather than a small handbag and end up with 10x carriers and canvas bags. Those things hurt the shoulders.

Bag – New Look

What To Do Whilst You’re There…

Liberty London Flowers

The most instagram’ed flower spot ever but also… the prettiest! It’s a 2 minute walk from Oxford Circus Station and definitely worth a little browse if you’re near by. I never buy anything (lol expensive) but I always take a photo. They have different flowers on display and always huge stems of my favourite eucalyptus which was my wedding flower, brings back so many feels!

Gluten Free Delights

Being gluten free in a small town has it’s downsides, for sure. I can eat in most chains but sometimes I just crave *normal* things that won’t kill me (not literally, but it’s close!) and this is where London makes me happy. We came across this little ramen restaurant called Shoryu and they had gluten free buns which filled me with such joy, even looking at this photo makes my mouth water!

Ice Skating

Christmas = ice skating, we all know that. However, some of us don’t want to travel to Winter Wonderland (or queue!!!) so the Skylight┬árooftop spot was perfect. Super quiet, close to Fenchurch St and plenty of mulled cider, which always goes down a treat. It was a bit rainy when we visited, so I would definitely advise you pre-check the weather and bring a hat, it’s a bit chilly up there.

This post is in collaboration with C2C rail, thank you for the lovely day in London!


London is my favorite, especially around christmas! I miss it the most every year this time. Love your outfit and the shots!


Love this Lauren! Your style alwyas inspires me


Ellie xx