The Jumper That Makes Me Feel Better

This jumper is my ultimate Autumn buy and I love it a little more for matching to my boots and bag so perfectly…

Feelin’ Pink

I’m having a pretty bad weekend. I know, I know.. not quite the best way to start a brand new blog post BUT I also realised whilst writing this that it was taking my mind off the bad stuff. Keeping my mind occupied has been something I’ve practised a lot this year and let me tell you, it can be tough. So whilst writing, filming, uploading and chatting about clothes, I guess I never really considered why I enjoy what I do so very much. Clothes are my biggest escape in life. I’ll admit I’m currently sat in a very unflattering mix of tracksuit bottoms, a lime green jumper and my ‘I Love Rome!’ tshirt hidden underneath, so I’m not practising what I preach so much today (but it *is* a Sunday) However, when I’m feeling at my lowest or having a pretty unfair day, I can pop on my joni jeans, my fave chenille pink jumper, a beret and it kinda just all feels a little bit better.

So, this outfit could be called my ‘feeling better’ look. I just love pink so freakin’ much and I love it even more when my boots, jumper and bag all match. This jumper has been featured on the blog a few times now (and instagram come to think of it!) but it really is one of my Autumn favourites this year. It’s not only super comfy and soft (we’re talking dreamy soft!!) but I love the chenille trend. Sure enough, it’s a little shiny and not always the most flattering but when worn oversized with skinny jeans, I just love how these jumpers look. However be aware that this did shred an almighty amount of fluff the first time I wore it, so I’d wash before hand. Then we have this little beauty of a bag, my very first¬†Grafea piece! It’s a very cute small size and the most lovely shade of pink, I definitely think I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of this!

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Photos by Bang on Style 


It’s such a pretty jumper I’m jealous haha