Get Thicker Hair For Under £20!

See how I transformed my hair in just 10 minutes for under £20 – from one fine haired girl, to another…

The Easiest Hair Transformation


Clip-in hair extensions – something I remember very well from my younger years. Infact, when I got my first ever set of extensions I even remember my Mum painstakingly sewing in the clips and the colour being very off. I spent a few years experimenting with them but found it really tough to find some that were affordable, a good match and would last all day long. Fast forward a good 10 years and I’ve re-entered into the world of clip-in extensions but this time, it’s definitely a more positive experience.


I recently came across Stranded International and I was so impressed to see they do a free colour swatch service. You can pop up to three colours you *think* might be your match and they will arrive at your door, which is possibly the easiest online shop I’ve ever done. I held each blonde shade up to my own hair in natural light and matched myself to Ballerina Musk – once the extensions arrived, they matched perfectly…


I’ve been wearing these little beauts for a few weeks now and I love how they look and feel. I get so many compliments on my hair and even my best friend mentioned ‘how long my hair has gotten recently’, aka she didn’t even realise they were clip-ins!


As you can see my hair is actually a pretty good length right now (hel-lo to YEARS of growing it out!) but it’s actually the thickness that bothers me more. Hairdressers tell me “it feels thin, but there’s a lot of it” so I’m not sure if that puts me in the ‘thin hair’ category or not but I know I’d love it to be more thick and luscious. It would just be really awesome to pop a braid in my hair and have it stand out rather than just look like a stray piece of hair…


And ladies, that is where these little babes come in. LOOK HOW THICK IT IS!! Colour wise, I think it’s pretty clear to see that they match 100% which made me feel a lot more confident about wearing them out in public. I will admit that I cried a little when I had to take these out because they just made me feel a bit.. super. Also, they are really easy to use (I’ll show you how…) and they work amazing with a braided ‘do (I’ll show you that too!) The best news of all? This was done with just three hair pieces, took me 10 minutes at the most AND they only cost £17.99, amaze balls.

How to use clip in extensions

There’s so many different types, lengths and weft options to choose from. I opted for the 18″ Three Piece Clip-Ins because they are quick and easy to pop in, only having to worry about three pieces is perfect for us busy gals on the go! You can get these in straight, curly or flicky too – I went for the flicky style because I think these just look so flattering and it’s how I’d love my hair naturally! So swishy and I feel amazing with them in!


Starting with the biggest hair weft, which is for the back of your head. Section off the top layer of hair and clip it out the way.


Using a brush, backcomb along the top of the bottom section of hair. This will enable the clips to grip and stay put all day long.


Simply clip the extensions in! Make sure to clip them onto the backcombed part of the hair and as close to the root as possible!


Repeat the steps above with the smaller wefts of hair, which are for the side sections. Don’t place these too close to the front of your head, I try to position these in-line with the back of my ears.

How-To: Easy Braid Look

Take a section at the front (make sure to include some of the extensions if you want the braid to look thicker) and divide into three.

Begin to braid! For this look I’m using the dutch braid method, which is the same as a normal plait except you go under the hair, rather than over.

Once you’ve braided right to the bottom, secure with a clear elastic. Now ‘fan’ the braid out by gently pulling from the middle outwards. This gives a really nice effect and makes the braid stand out a lot more.

Now take the braids and hold them towards the back of your head. Grab some kirby grips and secure the braid by poking them in the braid itself and turning them back on themselves. This will keep the braids put and also look like they are just held there by magic, which I love! Use a mirror-in-a-mirror to check the back and hide any visible grips. Hey presto!


This post is in collaboration with Stranded International, all views are my own – of course – and I feel honoured to work with this amazing brand! 


You are looking gorgeous. From the last long period I am searching who gives me the perfect match of hair extensions.Thank you for the help.

They blend so well with your hair, looks amazing! Absolutely loving the braid look!

Anika |

Ahh it looks amazing Laura! Absolutely love it x

It looks so natural! Need to get my hands on it!

Ellie xx