The Bright Pink Coat

If I could I would wear this pink faux-fur coat every single day. So, how do we style something this ‘out there’?…

Faux Pink Dreams

There’s been so much drama regarding real fur jackets via Twitter recently, especially within the world of blogging, so I thought why not prance around in a very fake pink coat? Faux Fur made so well these days, it can be difficult to see the difference between the real and the fake and that’s why I just love shopping via the highstreet. Missguided have hit the nail on the head with this one, it comes in yellow, grey and purple too. I’m keeping my eye on the stock levels of those because hel-lo, girl needs every colour.

So… my new coat – bright pink, definitely faux-fur but also extremely soft and warm. I do feel slightly extra when I wear this in public but I also love the fact that it’s different and unique. I stand out in it and I love it for that reason alone (I know right, who made me so daring!?) I paired it with an all black outfit, with a pop of stripe to break things up, coated jeans (because they’re more comfy than leather!) and of course my baker boy hat because these hats instantly add an element of coolness, right?


Erm, how do I wear a bright pink coat though?!


Styling a coat like this is simple – literally.. you actually don’t need to add much else. Sure, you can go all out and add some leopard print, perhaps some tassel earrings & some pink boots to style this all fancy. But if that’s not quite the look you’re after, you can style it in a more simple way too. I guess that’s what I went for here, and it works great for a day to day look. It’s fun and that’s what you should have when styling it.

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Photos by Bang On Style


I love this coat! Not sure if I could pull it off, but it looks so snuggly. Might just have to pop it on my Christmas list!

Jenny x

OMG that coat is so gorgeous! Defo going to have to get my hands on it


Elllie xx

This coat is EVERYTHING! Rocking it girl xx

Lucy |