The Zara Dress Everyone Wants

I brought this Zara dress on a whim but kept it because EVERYONE asks me where it’s from…

“Where’s your dress from?”

I brought this dress very recently from Zara and it’s the type of thing I thought I’d wear ‘just a few times’, well.. I was wrong. It’s actually a really handy dress to have in my wardrobe and something I’ve found myself grabbing for on a daily basis, except for when it’s in the wash! It has the bohemian vibe I bang on about all – the – time! But it’s also really quirky and has a slight rocky edge, which I love. Embroidery is also a weakness of mine and to be honest, you’re right in thinking I just had a bit of a squeal when I saw it hanging infront of me.

It’s the dress I’ve been asked about multiple times too. Every time I’ve worn it so far I’ve had at least one person ask me where it’s from, or mention how much they like it and to be honest, that’s a massive boost for my self esteem so I’m just planning on wearing it everyday from now on. One query I did make in my head whilst in the longest Zara queue ever was “which shoes will I wear with it!?” and on greater inspection, I’ve figured out you can wear it with two specific styles. The biker boot and the dressy wedge…

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Wear It With Boots

I love the biker boot/boho dress vibe and this one is the perfect ankle length to rock some clumpy boots. Boots give this dress a very rocked up casual feel and stop it from being too feminine, which as you know is right up my street. I love dresses that I can wear a few different ways and this one is definitely no exception.

I’ve had these boots a good few years now, infact I liked them so much at the time I brought two pairs and still have a brand spanking new set in my wardrobe. They’re from Missguided but sadly not stocked anymore. However, don’t worry I’ve popped some perfect alternatives below.

Wear It With Heels

Whilst I don’t feel that all heels work with this dress, wedges definitely do. I have these little diamonds from Viscata and they’re perfect for this style of frock. Now, I know we’re hitting Autumn soon but that doesn’t mean we can’t brave some wedges still and I guess some of us are lucky to be having Winter holidays, right? Anyway for now I’ll be rocking this dress in the evening with these wedges because I just feel super nice in them, plus my feet thank me because oh my these are comfortable little gems of joy!

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Photos by Bang On Style