Autumn Accessories You Need

I’m all about adding accessories to brighten up my Autumnal outfits, so here are five you need now!

I’ll admit, I was hesitant to wear a coat…

However, once I left my house and the air was frosty, my car a little steamed up and my nose a pinky shade of red.. I knew it was time for the Autumn outfits to break out of hiding. But you see I always think of Autumn outfits as slightly well.. dull, so it’s not usually something I get excited about. However, this year I’m all about the accessories and that’s saving the day.

So before we talk the additions to this outfit, I wanted to discuss the clothes themselves because this outfit is so very comfortable and therefore… I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

A coatigan is the best thing in the world and you need one. It is both a coat and a cardigan which makes it both warm but also a really nice soft material, something you would even happily wear around the house. This one is from Winser London and I’ll admit I may wear it constantly this Autumn/Winter because it really is love. I also added some frills underneath and pulled out this blouse from Coast. It’s such a unique piece with sleeve frills that almost look like a cape and again it’s something everyone seems to like when I wear it out.

Anyway the whole reason for this post is to show you guys some cool Autumnal Accessories I have pulled out of hiding and loving very much. These come in the form of hats, bags, boots – you name it. Let me show you why you only need a few added extras to your outfits to add a little something something…

You Will Need…

A Hat

Hats are my FAVE thing about the colder months because I’m lazy and cba to wash my hair everyday. So, if it’s cold and I’m due a hair wash I’ll grab the nearest hat and pop it on. I have bobble hats, fedoras and tonnes of berets. Each add something extra to an outfit, plus if you’re like me and have them in *pretty much* every shade, you’ll have something for every colour theme too.

A Funky Bag

I’ve never really been a “bag person” but I’ll definitely admit that a quirky bag makes all the difference. For instance, this one from Incomplete is the perfect pop of colour to an otherwise monochrome outfit and for that I love it! I now have a collection of colourful bags, in mustard, pink, brown, silver, gold.. you name it!

Watch The Time?

I love how a watch can give a different vibe to an outfit. Wearing something classic like this Daniel Wellington one I own makes the outfit seem a lot more thought about (even when it’s not!) I love the addition of simple hints of jewellery, for me they are the finishing touches! You can have fun with it too, of course.

Bright Boots

Footwear can be fun, y’know! I used to stick to only black boots but have since expanded my wardrobe (and mind) I now have a strong variation of colours on hand to me but I still love these beautiful blue velvet delights from Jeffery Campbell. They actually work with most outfits and I get so many compliments on them too. I do make sure I have some cute sparkly socks on underneath though because they are see-through and no one wants to see my Santa socks.. just yet.

Coffee Cup

Are you a true blogger if you don’t grab a coffee on the way to outfit shoot? After this shoot two little old men asked why we needed coffee cups and if they were just posing props. Truth be told.. this little babe was actually keeping me super warm. SO, if you forget your gloves… grab a takeaway coffee instead, works a treat (It does also look good in photos and it makes it easier to pose, but obviously warmth comes first..)

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Your boots are bloomin’ beautiful! Loving the blue tones that are around this autumn – you look lovely!

Love this outfit – the beret is super cute! xx

Sophie | Sophar So Good

Love this outfit, hats are one of my favourite accessories for the colder months !

Ohh I love a hat too! Thanks for the comment Emily x