This Autumn I’m all about the boots. In all colours, shapes and well… not so much sizes! I’ve styled 4 of my fave boots EVER with some fancy outfits and to be honest I’ll probably be living in these from now on…

Oh Hey, Beautiful Boots

You know when you get some beaut’ new shoes and you’re kinda tempted to also buy a new shelf, install it onto your wall just to display them? That’s exactly how I feel about these four pairs of new boots because they are all beautiful in their own way. I guess instead I’m blogging about them which is kinda similar to a wall display except more people can see it – so a win win really! These boots are all from the new in Autumn collection over on Anthropologie, aka the dreamiest place on earth, you can see the collection of Boots here! I was lucky enough to choose 4 pairs to style and these are the ones I went for. We have pink, faux fur, velvet and strappy – all different and all ideal for any outfit and style, which I’ve tried my best to show! So, let’s just get straight into the outfits and the boots…

The Black Buckle Boots

I love these boots because they instantly rock up any outfit which is something I just love when it comes to styling a look. I chose to go for a pleated skirt to show that a good ol’ pleated skirt can be worn a little more edgy and I love how it works together! Also, this skirt is the most amazing metallic blue, another item I feel I could potentially hang on a display wall. Anyway, I paired the skirt and boots with a super soft, light grey fluted sleeved jumper and a textured black bag.

I know you might be wondering what you could pop on over this for warmth (hel-lo Winter) but it looks really great with a simple leather jacket or a blazer! If you’re feeling a little nervous when it comes to wearing boots with a skirt – or you’re more of a jeans and tee kinda girl – these boots work really well with some black skinnies and a pop of red lippy – instant style icon!

Styling tip: Buckle details are a great and subtle way to ‘toughen’ up a girly outfit if you’re looking to mix up your style a little!

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The Dusky Pink Boots

I LOVE PINK. However styling pink boots can seem a bit daunting at first, especially if you’re a monochrome Queen. So my advice on this would be to style up some dusky pink boots instead as they literally go with so much and are subtle enough to not be a bit too “in your face” but still look really cool. So these ones have a little added extra with a sneaky shearling heel, which I love. I decided to pair these with a very bohemian dress – which might I add is the most comfortable dress in the world – and I love how they work together.

The print on this dress is also super trendy for Autumn/Winter as dark florals are IN. This makes me really happy because I just love a floral print but even more so when I can pair it with darker shades too. I’d pop on a little leather jacket with this outfit and even a dusky pink lip to match the shoes, just because I do have a slight thing about matching my lips to my footwear.. not sure why but it works, I promise!

Styling tip: Dusky pink works really well with any colour palette, try this shade with beiges and browns for a beautiful Autumnal look.

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The Velvet Boots

Okay so, when I mentioned having a display shelf for my new boots, these would be placed firmly at the front because, HEL-LO beautiful! I know they are very bright which I feel may seem quite scary when it comes to styling these little babes up, however.. they work with so many outfits! For starters I paired with my trusty grey fluted sleeve jumper and amazing retro inspired dungarees and I love how it looks. For a slightly more evening look I’m definitely going to be wearing these with an all black outfit and baker boy cap, it’s an outfit I have been dreaming about ever since they landed through my door. Of course if you’re feeling brave, these boots look great paired with a funky print such as leopard print or gingham too.

Styling tip: Boots with holes in can seem tricky if you like warm feet (like me!) so go grab yourself some sparkly/frilly socks and rock that look, looks amazing and is totally practical too!

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The Animal Print Boots

I personally feel that everyone needs to own some sort of animal print boot because they inject something special into any outfit. I’m currently loving grey prints because they work with any colour palette, which is why I decided to style these with a very bright lime green jumper (that’s covered in pom poms because… why the hell not!) And it works – the print gives a little edgy injection into the outfit and can be paired alongside so many different outfits (again even an all black number!)

If you’re feeling a little worried about taking the animal print step, starting with a pair of boots is actually the easiest way to ease yourself in. These grey ones work especially well because they are pretty subtle and can be worn alongside your normal day-to-day outfit, as well as a fancy evening number.

Styling tip: If you’re feeling darling, mixing animal prints is totally okay! These boots would look amazing paired with a leopard print jacket… I’m all about the clashing patterns right now.

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This post is in collaboration with Anthropologie, a brand I feel honoured to work with! For more styling tips you can find their Boots blog post, here.

Also, click here for more posts I’ve created alongside Anthropologie in the past.

Photography by Chris Bradshaw


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