Sequins, All Day Long

Sequins All Day Long

I used to think sequins were for the evening only – as if they had a ‘strictly forbidden during the day’ warning tape across them in my wardrobe. However, that rule is long gone and oh my am I happy about it…

Sequins All Day Long

Who said I can’t?

Oh, this sequin cardigan. I saw it whilst browsing the ASOS website late one evening, probably whilst watching some trash TV and talking to my budgie. When it arrived and I had managed to erase all ASOS ordering from my memory (yeeeah, happens a lot to me too) I pulled it out the bag and shed a tear. The tear was half because of how damn beautiful it was, and the other half in fear that I would never wear it because we all know sequins are for evening wear, right?

I was wrong. So very wrong (and also, have I been living underground for the past year!?) Sequins are EVERYWHERE now. Daytime, evening time, bed time even flamin’ swimming time. Once I knocked myself into gear I realised this cardigan was the cardigan of the future. Sequins for daytime is totally acceptable now and on that note, I just wore it to do my local food shop in and I felt absolutely blimmin’ fab.

I paired the cardi with a simple light pink strappy top from New Look, my Topshop pink bag (which goes with SO MUCH by the way!) My new love in the form of these Bershka dreamy jeans which aren’t too skinny and then some little baby pink heels, I brought these for my friends wedding a few years back so I’ve linked an alternative below instead. Nicely finished off with some very subtle pink glasses from ASOS, just incase the sequins weren’t enough…

Sequins All Day Long
Sequins All Day Long

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Cardigan – Pretty Little Thing

Vest Top – New Look

Jeans – Bershka Via ASOS

Bag – Topshop

Heels – Missguided

Sunglasses – ASOS (currently in sale!)

Sequins All Day Long
Sequins All Day Long

Sequins All Day Long

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This jacket is beautiful! I love how its different and it just pops agains the more minimal jeans and top xx

Jenny | Krystel Couture X

Love the sequins in this look, so pretty and chic!

Anika xo |

I LOVE the daytime sequin cardigan – and you’ve styled it SO well. Fab post lovely xx Imogen