Is Instagram ruining your life?

Are we all spending far too much time moaning about Instagram engagement, we forget to actually y’know, live?

A big Instagram Problem

I lost 5 followers over night, it’s a usual thing these days. I didn’t post a photo so I know those five people chose to click my name and press the unfollow button. Meh, I manage to shrug it off. Now it’s 10 am and I’m scrolling through my Twitter feed. I come across 3 tweets from various people complaining about their Instagram engagement, sometimes they post about it more than once. That little section called “What You’ve Missed” pops up and last night 4 people were also moaning about the same thing, I can tell it’s really ruining their day.

We all know that Instagram and various other channels (oh hey YouTube) aren’t what they used to be. Growth doesn’t happen very quickly, if at all and unless you’re an instagramathon celeb, most of the time your follower count gets lower rather than higher. YouTube views are down too and the constant social algorithms make it harder and harder for your subscribers/followers to see your content, so they can’t like it even if they wanted too. Whilst I understand it’s disheartening and frustrating… I still get really peeved about the constant complaining.

We’re all entitled to a little rant about it and I’ve definitely taken to Twitter in the past, but it’s the “my life is over” style complaining that grinds my gears. Infact those I see constantly complaining about it become so negative to me that I almost want to start unfollowing them myself. The internet is meant to provide an escape from reality, not the need for a strong Gin and a lay down in dark room. Is Instagram engagement really the worst problem in the world? No. If your account is losing followers and likes, is that really worth a day feeling low and like your world is ending? No.

Recently the world and many people in it have been through some serious bad times (homes burning down, hurricanes destroying towns and so on) So to me, if all that happens during my day is I lose some followers on Instagram, 10 subscribers on YouTube, or get a negative comment over here on the blog.. that’s not so bad. Again like many, I’ve dealt with far worse in life than bad social engagement and it makes me sad that some people get so low because of it. It makes me raise the question, are we all so worried about engagement that we forget to actually engage with LIFE?

How To See Past It

It used to be way, way easier to grow a following, at one point in my ‘YouTube career’ I gained most of my following in just a few months. These days? No chance. Now it seems this hardship has spread over to Instagram too. But it’s happening to (mostly) everyone and I accept that it’s just the way it is, everything in life changes (I remember dial up and paying 1p per minute of internet) I work a lot harder on my content these days and still get less recognition for it but I also have a life to live. When I find myself getting sucked into the downward spiral, I simply imagine someone disconnected from the online world asking me why I’m in such a bad mood and my answer being “I keep losing instagram followers” I can picture the face they would give me and that’s when I always realise… there is way more to life than an app.

Because lets face it, it really is just an app. I sent a tweet out a few days ago which read “If your biggest problem in life is your Instagram engagement.. well, I want to be you.” and I stand by it. That tweet inspired this post – 147 of you liked it and 17 people retweeted it, so I know I’m not alone in these thoughts.

So, what can we do to get past this Instagram shaped issue?

Change it up

Sometimes it’s not all down to the app. My friend told me she thought my account had a few too many selfies. I was just so used to uploading them and thought it was “my thing” but once I stopped and altered what I was posting, I gained followers. I get bored by content that I see over and over again because I want something new and fresh, not the same old. Sometimes you have to dig a little deep but changing it up and having a refresh can definitely help.


Like I mentioned, there are far bigger problems to deal with in the world. If you look at your own life and Instagram is the only thing you have to feel sad about, you’re one of the lucky ones. Channel that negativity into positivity and thank the lucky stars you have nothing major to be worrying about instead. Afterall it is just one app, on a phone. It’s sad, but true. Sometimes you need to step back and just enjoy life.


Instagram is not the only thing about you. You have a personality, a life, friends… there’s a whole world out there! If you’re relying on a follower count to make you feel better and more accepted then you’ll never feel 100% complete. What if tomorrow the whole internet collapsed, what would make you feel happy? Once you’ve figured that out spend more time doing it.

Spread The Love

It’s really easy to spend all your energy worrying about your own Instagram/social account that you forget about other people and I’m definitely guilty of this. Commenting on posts and liking content (whether it’s an ad or not) will gradually make people do the same to you. It’s not called being a bot because hey, you’re human and hopefully your Instagram account isn’t called ‘bigboy69’, so it’s all good. Infact it’s this method alone that helped me get my blog “out there” – I used to spend every evening engaging with other bloggers, reading and commenting on their posts, sharing their accounts, following them, not because I WANTED followers for myself, but because I really enjoyed it. Perhaps we’re all so busy worrying about our own accounts that we forget to share the love a little.

So next time you feel like instagram is being unkind, just imagine that guy down the road who hasn’t even got broadband let alone a mobile, asking you why you’re having a bad day.


Just reading this and I totally agree. There is so much more to life than an stupid app – but I am 100% one of those people who have let it affect me WAY too much (and I do complain about it way too much #guilty). I just feel like I am failing everyday at my job, and it is a crappy and embarrassing feeling and just knocks my confidence constantly. I had a complete meltdown over Instagram a few nights ago which is absurd – ITS A BLOODY APP FOR GOD SAKE – I know I need to care a lot less and I am starting to do that now.
You are so right that there are so many more important things in life.
Keep smashing life girl! Plus your new blog looks beautiful. Hopefully see you soon! x

This was a really lovely post to read, and I agree 100% with you. Some people really live just for the amount of followers they can get and it’s kinda sad. Like you said, if this is the biggest problem they have in life they are Lucky. More “influencers” (I hate this word) should read your post 🙂

I can’t say how much I love this post! Life is much more than any social networking app and it somehow make me REALLY sad that so many don’t get that! In my point of view, such apps totally lost it’s original purpose – connecting and building a network with people – since today the thing we care most about is our own account… I totally agree with you that we should start sharing a bit more of love again and TBH (as somebody who just started blogging) I’m much happier about a new comment on a blog post than a new follower!!
Thank you for this little brain teaser and well done!!
Lots of love xx

I loved reading this sort of perspective! I think things become a bit more stressful when Instagram is your job and possibly your source of income, but in the end, it is still an app. And it’s so true – we should be doing it because we enjoy it, not because we want followers! X

I really love this perspective on things. I sadly think the world has gotten much too wrapped up in online engagement that they miss the point of actually being alive. It’s great to have an escape whether it be through social media, reading, or whatever else, but the escape has to come in moderation or else it becomes an addiction. If you spend so much time living through a screen you miss out on all the wonderful things in the world that would actually inspire new content. I’m really glad you took the time to write about this, someone had to say something, and hopefully your words will inspire change in someone else. They definitely did for me. I know it can be frustrating not getting followers, I just started my blog three months ago and have 44 followers. While I’m grateful, I have times of wishing there were more. But you know what, you can’t do this stuff for followers, you have to do it for yourself. Thank you.

Perspective is a good thing! I’m quite pleased I don’t really understand the whole ‘engagement’ thing. Probably best that I don’t… Lovely photos on your post! 🙂