How I Feel After My Wedding

Wedding blues is a word often thrown around during wedding planning but does it actually exist post-wedding and how are you really meant to feel once you’ve tied the knot? How do I feel after my own wedding?…

Are the wedding blues real?

It’s been 4 months since our wedding, yet it really does feel like a lifetime ago. I spent the lead up to my wedding not feeling myself due to being poorly but I still felt like I was living in a wedding orientated dream world and this definitely extended once we returned home from our honeymoon too. I wrote so many posts and filmed so many videos during this time and a little after all about my wedding, the details, the flowers, my dress but I realised I haven’t spoken about how I feel now that my wedding is done and dusted. So, oh wow, hello there post. This one is all about how I feel now that I’m married! Of course you guys know me well enough to know this will be a little jokey at times but it’s still all very truthful, of course!

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The Blues

In the run up to the big day I remember thinking “I cannot wait for this to all be done” – that mostly meant the organising and stressful side of wedding planning. I was 100% sure I would not be someone to get the wedding blues because yay, I’d have time to live my life again and spend my money on things un-wedding related! How wrong was I?! It definitely took a few months to set it but I spent a good few weeks feeling super sad that it all went so fast and I’d do anything to go back and plan it all again. I looked at my wedding photos and video daily, which seemed to get me out of my downward wedding spiral.

Giving Advice

 Obviously you learn a lot from your own wedding day… which is actually pretty useless because it’s too late to go back and put it to use. However being the blogger and person I am I do feel the need to constantly advise every Bride to be about things I picked up on the day. I sometimes help out as a second shooter for my Husband, Chris (his wedding photography can be found here) and I often find myself telling the bride things like ‘make sure you hold the first kiss for a while’, ‘walk slowly down the isle and have a look around’ and so on. Hopefully it helps them, I know all the advice I was given by married ladies was priceless but you always learn more and more!


I’m still not used to calling Chris “my Husband”, even after 4 months! In my head, he’s still my boyfriend. I almost feel like I’m pretending at being an adult when I call him the H word and that people will question whether I’m reeeally married or is she just playing grown up?! Sometimes I’ve even skirted around the subject as using the word just feels so weird to me. Slowly though I am getting more and more used to it, perhaps when I hit 30 next year it will come naturally and I’ll be all mature about it… who am I kidding?

RIP Surname

I sat in the opticians waiting room recently and they called for “Mrs Bradshaw” three times. It was on the forth time that I jumped up realising that MRS BRADSHAW WAS ME. I’m not completely used to being a Mrs yet but being a Bradshaw is also a whole new chapter that hasn’t quite sunk in, put the two together and I was joining in with those annoyed ‘holding the queue up’ faces. Changing your name is a little bit of a pain post-wedding but getting used to being called by this so-called new name is even more bizarre!

The truth is, you’ll feel sad after you’ve had your wedding day but it’s still the best day of your life, so personally I felt a happy type of sad. I’m so glad I had the most amazing, perfect wedding and of course I would love to revisit it to relive all the feelings and emotions I experienced. However, if re-living it could mean that parts of the day would feel different then of course I’ll stick to looking through my photos and watching my video, those memories are definitely good enough for me and something I can treasure forever. My one bit of advice for future Brides and Grooms? Take in every moment of the day, as much as you can and try and avoid all tequila shots (or in my case, Apple Sourz because I’m weak) just to maximise memory!


Photography – Kathryn Hopkins | Flowers – Rebecca Avery | Dress – Sottero and Midgley via Grace & Lace | Shoes – Rachel Simpson | Bridesmaid Dresses – Maya Boutique via ASOS | Groom & Usher’s suits – Moss Bros | Groom’s Shoes – Howick | Makeup & Hair – Amy Lawrence | Band – Jupiter Ray | Marquee Laterns – Complete Entourage

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