My most favourite dress, ever

Nothing makes me more sad than packing away my favourite dresses until NEXT YEAR. However, this dress is basically perfect everyday of the year, rain or shine and I’m super happy about it…

A whole lotta’ maxi loving

So as I type this I’m sitting in my office with my new pet budgie (more on that later!) outside it’s windy, raining and a strong sound of thunder has just echoed around my mind. It’s cold and I’m dreaming of an evening on the sofa with my blanket and a hot drink. Basically, far from the weather I had when I shot this outfit, as you can see. However it doesn’t make much difference because this dress would still work today, just as it did in the sunshine. I brought this from ASOS recently because it caught my attention – the floral print, studded detailing and of course, the frills. When it arrived I realised how blimmin’ great this dress was going to be all year through and that my friends, is what I love about it the most. I’m already planning to pair it with chunky boots and a leather jacket in the colder months.

The dress does all the talking (well, not literally because HELLO it’s just a dress) but if it could, it would. I didn’t need much else to go with it – keeping it simple I added some khaki strappy sandals and borrowed the famous straw bag from Hannah Gale herself. Then of course, we have the sunglasses and again, if they could talk they would be extremely interesting and full of stories, I’m sure. These beauts are some fancy Prada (currently in the sale obvs) style shades and I do love them a little too much. They are basically the main reason I’m hating on this colder, darker weather. They make me feel quite important, as if I’m trying to hide my face from the world. Perhaps I’ll be able to style them out on the tube throughout Winter and people will just think I’m famous?

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Photos by Bang on Style


Such a pretty dress – and perfect for this weird transitional period we’re currently in! I’d just be constantly twirling around if I was wearing it – it looks perfect for that! x

Laura // Middle of Adventure

It is a beaut! I’ve been dreading packing my dresses away for another year so I need to pick up more things like this that will transition I think! xxx

Sophie | Sophar So Good