My Hair Heroes

I have a confession. I’m addicted to hair products… but of course, only the ones that really work. So let’s have a hair heroes chat shall we?

My Current Hair Faves

Oh hello, you must be here because like me, you just lurveeee a good hair product! I feel that over the years I have probably gone through enough hair products to open my own warehouse, but there’s still only a few that I would actually re-purchase. Obviously products that I find work for me, might not always suit everyone else so I have tried my very best to pick products that work for specific problem areas.

So a little on my own hair type. I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine. It’s also totally straight with not even a little tiny kink in it if I leave it to dry naturally. Some would love this – I know – but I do prefer my hair wavy… isn’t that always the way?! I have obviously coloured my hair so the ends can be a little dry and I wash it every 2/3 days (I use a lot of dry shampoo in the meantime) it can also be super knotty. SO THAT’S ME!

Purple Shampoo

Reduces brassy/yellow tones in hair – If you have blonde hair you’ll know that from time to time it can become a little brassy/yellow toned. I like my blonde more on the cool white side so purple shampoos work a treat for me. The only two that actually work on my hair are these little dream boats, so let’s just get on with it…

Kms Colour Vitality Blonde Shampoo, £28.50

This is unlike your usual purple shampoos because it’s not as strong, so can be used more often and even daily. Whenever I use this I find the blonde is a much nicer colour and it definitely 100% takes away the brassy tones, I always get comments on my hair whenever I use it. Unlike most purple shampoos it doesn’t smell super strong or dye my hands blue which is always a bonus. I’ve repurchased this a few times now after receiving it from a PR the first time, which doesn’t usually happen (especially at a slightly higher price than some others I’ve tried) I just love it, a lot. I used this in the lead up to my wedding to make sure the blonde stayed looking it’s best and it was my absolute saviour. Usually I’d list a downside to it but with this one, I really can’t find anything I don’t like about it. I guess the only comment would be that it is marked up at quite a high price but because it works, I kinda don’t really mind!

Bleach London, Silver Shampoo, £6.50

This bad boy works a treat. It banishes brassy yellows instantly and works in just one wash, which is a dream. The longer you leave it on your hair, the better and more intensely it works. Of course, leave it on too long and you will notice a bit of a purple tinge so if that’s something you definitely don’t want, build it up little and often over a few washes. I leave this on for 15-20 minutes if I want a super ice white blonde and it works a treat. If I just need a little top up, I’ll leave it on for 3-10 minutes. The only downside is that it does make my hands and nails a little purple for a while, but it soon washes off during the day and sometimes the smell can be slightly overpowering and something I do notice on my hair during the day, but it’s still pleasant!

Dry Shampoo

Refreshes hair and adds volume – I get through a lot of dry shampoo, A LOT. It’s basically my most favourite product in the world because it allows me to skip a few hair wash days, wahoo! On the other hand, it can be difficult to find one that I really love because there can be a lot of DS downsides – product build up, white marks and bad smells to list a few. However, of course I’ve found a couple of good’uns.

got2b Dry Shampoo, £5

I was sent a few of these recently and I have currently made my way through 2 out of 3, I just flamin’ well love ’em! They smell good, all with a different scent that so far has been fresh and perfect for a simple hair refresh in the morning and of course in the evening too. I also love the packaging because it’s vibrant, fun but also… very easy to find in my mountain of hair products! All in all it works perfectly on making my hair feel cleaner but also works great for a bit of volume – sometimes I will add this one in straight after washing my hair just to give it a little oompf, works perfect if I’m after a voluptuous topknot too. It doesn’t leave any white marks on my hair either, so no panics there.

Percy & Reed Dry Shampoo, £12

Okay so this little baby smells like a dreeeeam, so that’s a really good start. Secondly, this may be the designer in me but I love the packaging and it looks super pretty sat in my cupboard (I never thought I’d say that!) The price tag is a littttleee high and this may put me off from repurchasing every time because hey, I have so many others to buy too (haha) but it is definitely more of a luxury dry shampoo, I guess. It feels nice in my hair and whilst I wouldn’t say it’s the best for adding large amounts of volume, it’s great for freshening up my hair on the days when it really needs a wash which let’s face it, is most of the time!

Top Styling Products

For hold & body – I need two main products in my life above all else – strong hold hairspray and a volume spray that works. It’s been a long, difficult task to find two that work but have to fear guys, I HAVE FOUND THEM!

Schwarzkopf Osis Volume Up, £13.15

Right, I’ll be honest… this product is a life saver for limp hair. My hair suffers with flatness and this amazing product transforms it in just a few sprays. It’s perfect for when I need some volume at the roots or some texture in the ends and even more so when I want an up-do because it creates perfect thickness for a top knot. Infact, on pony-tail days when my pony is looking a little flat, I just spray a bit of this in and it instantly looks so much thicker! I’m not really sure how I’ve ever lived without this product and it was actually my Mum who introduced it to me after a Salon used it on her – proof that it works for all hair lengths, as hers is short. It does seem quite pricey for a volume product but I’ve already brought this three times, as soon as I run out I just can’t live without it.

Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Hairspray, £4.19

I brought this after pondering Boots for a new hairspray, the yellow attracted me because wow it’s bright and then I read the back. This hairspray was intended for those with mohawks, it’s so strong and amazing hold that it keeps hair put even when it’s in a SPIKE shape – I knew it would be perfect for me. It does as it says on the tin, it’s like glue (except hair friendly, obviously!) The curls stay totally put when I spray this in after and it’s perfect for keeping backcombing put and of course adding volume at the roots. It brushes out, doesn’t make my hair crispy and once I spray it in I really wouldn’t even notice it’s in my hair which is amazing for a hairspray with this strength! The only downside I have with this one is that it does tend to coat everything in a hairspray dew – dressing tables, my glasses, phone.. and that’s a little annoying but no biggy!

Shine Shampoo

Makes hair look shiny and much healthier – When you bleach your hair, all shine disappears and it kinda feels like you need to manually put it back in there, so this is how I do it…

Redken Diamond Oil Glow Shampoo & Conditioner, £14.50

These products have newly dropped into my “faves list” but needed their own section by far. This Shampoo and Conditioner are basically the dream team. After washing my hair with this duo it feels light, airy and very shiny. The conditioner is more of a gel formation which makes it really light on my hair but still nourishing – sometimes creamy ones can weigh my hair down and I can notice I’ve used it (in a bad way) but with this it’s the opposite. It’s definitely a conditioner you could use daily and still style your hair perfectly. Both products are an oil enriched gel formula, so if your hair is in need of some moisture but you hate using oil products/your hair is too short for oil on the ends… this one is for you!

Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry, £17

This product massively intrigued me because it’s an exfoliating product for your hair.. say whaaaaat!!! It markets itself as a hair scrub and I don’t know why but I knew I had to give this a go because it seems so bizarre. You use this before you shampoo on wet hair, just through the mid-lengths to the ends. Once you’ve rinsed, carry on with your usual hair shampooing routine and make sure you use conditioner, because this does make the hair feel a little knotty. Basically what this product does is remove impurities and enchases shine – basically exactly what an exfoliating product for your face does to that too! It banishes dullness and I definitely noticed my hair felt shinier and a little stronger too! For maximum effect, I use this 2-3 a week.


Gets rid of all knots – I have straight hair but it is also VERY knotty – yay for me. In the past I have found it difficult to find a brush that de-knots without ripping half my hair out, until now, obvs.

The Wet Brush, £11.99

 This brush solves all my hair woes, instantly. So, when I wash my hair without conditioner (because hey, sometimes I forget to take it in the shower and cba) my hair gets knots, so many freakin’ knots and let me tell you… they do not like to budge. Then, sometimes when I curl my hair and it’s windy outside it gets even more knots, mostly underneath knots which by the way are the worst type of knots EVER. So all in all, I would definitely say that my name is Laura and yes I suffer with knotty hair.

However, I have been saved and I do believe that many other girls have also been saved because whenever I read about this little brush of dreams, everyone really loves it. So, this brush is amazing for getting rid of knots and giving hair a really great brush (because is there really anything more satisfying?!) Whether it’s wet or dry, it works wonders. I’ve always found it really tough to brush my hair when it’s wet too, but this seems to do the trick. Now, obviously it doesn’t just glide through my hair, I still have to spend a little more time and effort on the problem areas but I know that I’m not ripping through my locks and that’s always good to know.

Not only the uses, it comes in a wide range of colours, patterns and to be honest this just excites me so much. I basically want a rainbow selection of these brushes and I’M NOT AFRAID TO ADMIT IT!

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