Goodbye Tiny Twisst

You might have noticed a slow change in my branding lately, and whilst Tiny Twisst has served me well for many years, it’s time for a change…

It’s time for a change

Don’t worry guys, I know the title is very dramatic but I’m not leaving the internet. However, if you follow me on various social channels and watch my weekly vlogs you might know I have been toying with the idea of a rebrand.

Let’s start at the beginning. When I created Tiny Twisst I was a single girl, I liked drinking various amounts of cocktails, wearing heels and shooting my favourite weekend night out outfits in my garden. I came up with my blog name one evening sat at my little desk in my bedroom at my parents house and it stuck. It was a name that served me well at the time, it was different and every blogger I followed had a blog name of the same creative style, no one had their real names. Plus my surname was Harry Potter related and I didn’t want everyone to think I was starting my own fan page.

Fast forward a good few years, I’m now 29, married and rarely enter a nightclub, let alone shoot ‘night out’ attire. I guess I’m a proper grown up, I know who I am these days and not only that, you guys are with me on that one. Most of my blog and YouTube traffic consists of girls around the same age and older than myself. So with this knowledge when I visit my blog, YouTube, social channels… Tiny Twisst doesn’t feel like it works for me or you guys anymore. However, Laura Bradshaw? That’s me. Whilst it’s a surname I’ve only had for a few months (I know) it feels right and plus, it looks super swishy in it’s new font, right? It’s kinda like the switch we made from Tammy Girl to Topshop, it just needs to happen but we’ll all miss it for a while.

This isn’t a break up

I’ll admit that writing this I do feel like I’m dumping someone (weird) and whilst I do feel like it’s the end of an era, I’m hoping you guys will happily adapt to my new branding and name. Nothing will change, I’m still here typing away, filming myself posing in clothes and tweeting about toasters. Afterall it is just a name and that’s something that I keep having to remind myself whenever I have little sad moments and guilt as if I’m abandoning the one thing that made my career happen (but hey, in reality that’s all me.. right? ha!) So yes, there we go. The end of an era but the beginning of a new one. Hey, I’m Laura Bradshaw and welcome to my blog.

However, MANY people are called Laura Bradshaw, so if anyone knows how I can obtain unused Twitter/Instagram accounts, get in touch.. ha!


I love the new branding Laura! I loved Tiny Twist but I love change and seeing a bit more of you is always a good thing 🙂

Shiana xx

Oh Laura I bet it does feel a bit sad – but it’s an exciting change and your new header looks fab (plus I love that colour in your nav bar). Can’t wait to see what’s next for you. Perfect outfit as always too! xxx

Sophie | Sophar So Good

i love this outfit! you look gorgeous

Looks great Laura! Very swish x

Change is good! I like the new name, plus it does look awesome in the new super swishy font 🙂

Anika xo |

Oh I love love love the new name and logo Yay!!!